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Advent Christmas Challenge!

Welcome to the Coach Seán Advent Christmas Challenge! 

Christmas is usually a time where our fitness goes by the way side as the hectic season full of work parties, catch ups and last minute shopping take priority. So I have designed this challenge because no matter how busy we all claim to be, you can always afford 5 minutes of your time to improving you!

All 24 Advent Christmas Challenge videos are available for FREE by clicking on the pictures below. 

Each workout is only 5 minutes long, progressively getting more difficult as you get closer to Christmas. If you find a day too easy or want to get a little more in, go for an extra round!




Our Sponsors

Booty Camp with Coach Seán returns in S. Brigid's Castleknock Community Centre from Wednesday, January 4th, 2017!

Special thanks to Eskimo-3 who are giving out their Eskimo-3 Brain 3.6.9 Fish Oil Supplements throughout the Advent Christmas Challenge!