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Reasons to Join:
✅ Drop at least one dress size in your first month of Booty Camp
✅Wide variety of total body classes rather than the same type of class over and over
✅ A detailed 4 Week Nutrition Guide
✅ A proven track record that has helped women achieve their goals
✅ Training in a fun environment and meeting new people
✅ Set hours to get your training in
✅ Classes specifically designed for toning and fat loss
✅ New Challenges
✅ Near Castleknock and have Monday/Wednesday evenings free

28 days to drop at least one dress size in a boot camp like none other by taking on the Booty Camp Challenge 2019

Have you ever sign up for a class and felt lost in the shuffle?

Or in an environment where the trainer just wanted to pick the hardest exercises, have you run around for 45 minutes and that would be it?

You would do the same thing each week. Not knowing if you were improving. Not even know anyone in the class. You felt the burn at first. But then everything became repetitive. Sometimes you might not even know what trainer you would have until they walked in as the class was about to begin. No real rapport with the trainer except “he’s the one that makes us run all the time” or “she’s a very big fan of burpees and sit ups.” After a while, things just became boring and next thing you know, you’re missing classes before realising that it’s not for you and leaving.

I saw this all the time in the gym and I felt hopeless about it too.

I felt that same disconnect.

The reason I went into this business 10 years ago was to help people and I never truly felt like I was helping people as much as I could have.

I was never given the same hours so I would have to do different classes each week. Because I didn’t have the same people in every class, it was very hard to monitor the progress of each individual. I made a point to try at least know each person’s name in the 45 minute classes but as soon as the class was over, I would be sent off to do another job in the gym.

It was very frustrating. I knew what would work if I had the same people each week and was able to talk to them about their goals. I would be able to talk about how weights would not make them feel bulky and that if they could lift a heavier kettlebell safely to go for it. Or that crunches alone won’t bring them the abs they desire. Or the little hacks involved to be able to do more squats, run faster and hold a longer plank. But I was unable to do that. And I would see frustrated members disappear.

That’s not why I got into this business.

When the opportunity to join Booty Camp came up a little over 6 years ago, I was a little skeptical. Boot Camps for an hour and the same situation as in a gym I thought. I could not have been further wrong. I went down to try out teaching a class and never looked back.

The atmosphere was different.

There was time taken before and during the classes for people to address their fitness and nutrition needs. They were talking about phases to nutrition and dedicating time to talk to the members rather than straight into the exercises.

From the first class I knew it was something I wanted to be apart in.

In January 2013, we opened up in Dublin 15 and where I have been the Coach in the area ever since.

That’s when I saw the programme work!

Throughout the years, with our classes and nutrition guides, we have had tremendous success.

Most of our ladies drop at least ONE DRESS SIZE in their first month with the exercise and nutrition plan and then went on to further success. And we can help you do the same with the Booty Camp January 2019 Challenge, just like the ladies below have done in the past.


Click HERE to see more success stories along with videos from the ladies themselves on how they found the classes and the challenge!

Here is what some of our current members have to say about the classes:

"Bootycamp has been the only programme that I have stuck at long-term & continues to work.  I look forward to the new challenges Seán sets on a regular basis as well as the social element to the class.

The programme allows you to enjoy life without feeling guilty for treating yourself!"


I have attended Coach Seán classes for nearly 2 years & never find any class the same. It’s a great class for mixed ability & lovely group of ladies which keeps the class fun & you hardly notice you have an hours workout done. Also extra class in park on sat is a real bonus. 

- Sharon

Why is Booty Camp different?

Fitness Classes with the same experienced Coach each session that knows your fitness capabilities

Booty Camp is a ladies only program that combines an emphasis on nutrition with live classes that are always vibrant with a wide variety of fun and energetic classes.

Each month, no two classes are the same. Will each exercise can be modified depending on your ability and fitness levels, we include a wide variety of classes from boxercise to circuits, HIIT training, core, kettlebells and more.

Because I am the Coach for every session, I will know your strengths and weaknesses. When to make exercises easier or harder. What to do to overcome previous injuries so you do not re injury yourself.


Our nutrition guides are not added sell ons by trainers you rarely see. Our nutrition guides are designed to take you from step 1 to a long term nutrition plan based around your gut and what not only agrees with you but what you like to eat.

Our guides are not a diet but a realistic step by step plan in guiding you to what you should be eating that suits your body and tastes.

With a wide range of recipes and a comprehensive list of foods, our nutrition guide sets you up for success. We also detail why certain foods that you think are healthy, could be hindering your progress and how you can identify this. We provide step by step meal plans as well as how to test for food intolerances and what foods make you fat. Not only will we show you what to eat but educate you on why you should or shouldn't be eating certain types of foods so we can help you to maintain your fat loss! 

We focus on the areas you want to focus on. Which means male dominant exercises for bulky arms like biceps curls and aimlessly running laps are out the window.


Our ladies work hard in the classes but we also realise that there’s more to the classes than just exercises. We’ve had ladies with us for nearly 6 years now and a lot of friendships have been formed in our classes than continue after the last cheesy cool down song.

It’s a community where everyone gets to know everyone in the classes. You never feel alone or out of place in the class.

And now is the time for you to experience this for yourself!

Our classes are starting back up for 2019 on Monday, January 7th at 7pm in St. Brigid’s Castleknock Community Centre and run every Monday and Wednesday from 7-8pm.

Take the Booty Camp Challenge for 2019 now and lose at least one dress size this month while learning how to keep it off and enjoy your training!

Membership Options

As a thank you for checking out this webpage: here is our week 1 of 4 in depth Nutrition Manual absolutely FREE for you to download and keep. Week 1 is by far our toughest week but the following weeks help mould your diet into something that is maintainable long term and help you achieve your fitness goals. We're not about fad diets but lifetime real results that can be easily managed and maintained with what suits you and your individual lifestyle.

Our NEXT camp of the year starts MONDAY JANUARY 7TH in St Brigid's Castleknock Community Centre at 7pm

Our classes are on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7pm as well as a bonus class most Saturday mornings in the Phoenix Park at 10am.

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We are now doing multiple month memberships as well as our usual single month membership of 75e. Save money and make the commitment to dedicate yourself to the Booty Camp Challenge!


Our 3-month membership for 200e - Saving you 25e off the original membership price.

Our 6-month membership for only 350e -  Saving you 100e off the original membership price.

12-month membership for just 600e - Saving you 300e!! We're knocking the equivalent of 4 MONTHS off the original membership price. 

Membership Options

If you want to try our class for just the one month, click HERE now to start your fitness journey with us in JANUARY 2019!

And I will see you Monday, January 7th







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Click HERE for a Google Maps location to the St Brigid's National School in Beechpark which is right beside the Community Centre


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