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12 Week Online Transformation

Starting Monday, September 3rd

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6 Week Personal Training Challenge

Starting Monday, September 3rd

Includes everything in the 12 Week Online Transformation Package PLUS 6 Week Gym Programme to guarantee even greater success!

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One to One Personal Online Coaching

Starting anytime that suits you and your goals

Includes everything in the 6 Week Personal Training Challenge plus weekly check ins and tailored programming more specific to your goals to get exactly what you need out of your Health & Fitness training. Especially necessary if you are training for a specific event or are overcoming an injury

✅ Workouts that can be done at any time throughout the day
✅ A detailed progressive 12 week plan
✅  BONUS Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge included for FREE
✅ No Equipment needed
✅ Online support and knowing you're not going through the challenge alone
✅ Affordability: Much cheaper than a 3 month gym membership
✅ Motivation and Accountability incorporated into the programme
✅ Coach Seán eBook for tips to stay on track
✅Nutrition eBooks and Recipes
✅ Programme incorporates fat loss, fitness and toning
✅ Built for your long term success
✅ Everything is Online


No more trying to fit your schedule to suit others and their timetable. Set your own hours to get your workout in ANYWHERE.

We are closing applications to participate in the last 12 Week Challenge of 2018 this Friday, August 31st. Don't miss out on your last chance to sign up and make a life changing transformation to your health and fitness in 2018

With the 12 Week Transformation Challenge you have the option to:
A) Follow along with me through every workout
B) download the PDFs along with video examples and perform the exercises at your own pace anywhere

If you're looking for quick fixes to lose as much weight as possible that you'll inevitably put back on twice as fast, then you have come to the WRONG place!

If your goal is to be more healthy, fitter, stronger and more active while maintaining long-term health, increased fat loss, good nutrition and more energy and stamina benefits then this is the challenge for you!

In 12 Weeks you will:
Completely transform your approach and attitude to your Health & Fitness Training
Gain Flexibility to Train at your schedule
Following the Nutrition Plan, lose anywhere from 7 pounds to 3 stone (depending on your goals and initial weight)
Become stronger, more toned and fit.
Move better

This programme is not designed to try to add ridiculously hard exercises into an impossible routine with no rhyme or reason and put you on restrictive diets that are not sustainable in the long term. Those “results” from quick fix challenges don’t last. It’s water weight. Like a fighter dropping a ridiculous and unhealthy amount of weight before a fight, only to put it back on a day later. That is exactly what those quick fix challenges are. This programme is however designed to help you see your progressions each week in the exercises and to go at your pace.

Your workouts are only up to 30 minutes long and can be performed anywhere with no equipment needed at all. You see yourself progress weekly with exercises progress and over the 12 weeks, you notice yourself getting fitter and stronger each week. 

The workouts will help get you fit, toned and strong with HIIT interval exercises included helping shred fat. Check out the video below for more details on the programme! 

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How does the Programme work?

Each day, the complete workout video is posted on to the private group, along with a PDF and video explaining the day's exercises. There are the lower body workouts on Monday and Thursday, Upper Body and Core on Tuesday and Friday as well as Flexibility and Core on Wednesdays. Each day has different elements of strength, toning and conditioning so that you are getting a total body workout by the end of the week while also not being too sore in a particular area every day.

To do the workouts you can

a) Get the online PDFs that will be easily downloaded onto your phone so you can take the workout with you anywhere. Each individual exercise also has a video demonstration hyperlinked to it so you will always know what is asked of you in each exercise. 

b) Follow along with me on the upper and lower body days and push yourself for the 20 minutes! I do all 3 rounds with you as well as the challenge so it feels like you have a workout partner to push you through every part of the session!

Each day also has a challenging finisher at the end of the workout so you can test yourself and see your progress by the week’s end. 

For an example of how Week 1’s webpage and exercises look. Check out the webpage HERE!

A detailed, Progressive 12 Week Plan!

If you were to join a gym, you would be doing a basic cookie cutter programme and told to go back to the fitness instructor after 4-6 weeks. You might get 2-3 progressions to your workout if you ever do go back (most members in gyms are one and done in terms of a programme, I’ve been around this industry long enough to know!) With this programme, you are getting WEEKLY progressions to your workouts with the option of making the exercises a little easier too if you feel unable for any particular exercises. The workouts are designed to get tougher each week but they are also designed so that you are getting fitter and stronger each week as well and are able for the additional challenges. On top of all that, you would be paying a lot more per month at a lot less of the value!

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An online private group (via Facebook) where you can meet other challenge members. 

Going through challenges like this can be tough and lonely when you are doing it by yourself. With this programme, you get to meet other challenges and get useful tips and guidance to help stay on track! Everyone will be encouraged to participate as much as possible in the challenge and it can be a great place to pose any questions you may have. Who better to give their opinion other than the people going through the same challenge as you? I will also be apart for the group to post daily videos and help in any way that I can. 

You will also have LIFETIME access to this group. As well as all the videos from this challenge, you will have access to all my upcoming workout plans (including previous programmes such as the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge), ebooks etc and meet like-minded people. use this group to keep yourself accountable for your fitness journey

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Coach Seán Online eBook and Nutrition ebook

Speaking of helping out in anyway that I can, I am including the Coach Seán eBook for all members of the challenge for free. This eBook details tips and advice on how I have seen people excel in their fitness journeys over the last 8 years in this industry and, in my opinion, the most effective ways to keeping Consistency, Accountability and Motivation throughout the 12 weeks.

As well as that, you get my Nutrition eBook included in your package as well. The Nutrition eBook will help you understand what to eat and why you're eating it. In the eBook, you will gather ideas for meals to eat, why you won't be counting calories and how to turn the challenge into long-term sustainability. In addition to the Nutrition eBook, there will be weekly recipes, tips and hints provided to you through the Coach Seán Online Fitness Group. 

The programme is designed to work on your overall health. To help keep your nutrition in check while also taking into account real world situations. Workouts that will help those that want to shed fat but also to be healthy. To help people be stronger and have more flexibility and mobility while also working on total body conditioning. They are designed for all levels of fitness and can easily be modified to make more/less difficult to make sure you get the most out of the programme. 

Your 2018 12 Week Challenge Programme starts on Monday, September 3rd where you make the commitment to change your health and fitness for the better and I, along with all the other members, are on hand to help you every step of the way. 

No Equipment is required for the workouts and you are guaranteed to be fitter, healthier and stronger just in time for the holiday season!

Detailed Progressive 12 week Programme

Lifetime access to Online Support Group

Coach Seán eBook

Follow along workouts as well as PDF Workouts with Video Hyperlinks to take anywhere

You get to keep all materials at the end of the 12 Weeks and avail of new programmes for free

You are guaranteed to find success with The Coach Seán 12 Week Online Challenge!

24 Unique online workouts for Upper and Lower Body in this Challenge, progressing each week so you can adapt the workouts to suit your own fitness levels!
Downloadable PDF Programmes as well as online links so that video descriptions of each exercise are included and you can carry with you in your phone anywhere
The Coach Seán eBook on Consistency, Accountability and Motivation to help keep you on track
The Coach Seán Nutrition guide to help you with what to eat and why over the challenge along with addition Nutrition eBooks and Recipes
The Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge (which is usually individually sold for 49e on its own!)

Book your place for the FINAL 2018 12 Week Online Transformation Challenge by clicking the Buy Now PayPal link below for only 49e now!


Closing Date to join this challenge is Friday August 31st. We will not be reopening the Challenge until the new year

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get yourself ready and commit to a healthier and happier you to finish 2018 STRONG






If you find that you would be more suited to a Gym Programme, I will be launching the 6 Week PT Challenge as an Online Programme as well, starting on Monday September 3rd with all the workouts and videos of the 6 Week PT Challenge included. 

You will also get everything included in the above 12 Week Online Transformation Package as well! 

For the total package of the Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge, the 12 Week Online Transformation Package as well as the 6 Week PT Challenge, it is only 89e

With the 6 Week Online Personal Training Package you get access to a 6 week gym programme unlike most cookie cutter machine programmes you see in the gym! 

This programme is not only designed to increase your fat loss goals but for this of you who commute a lot or work in an office job, slouched every day. Most gym programmes DO NOT help clients who work in an office and, in most cases, increase the likelihood of lower back injuries. I fell for this trap when I first graduated over 8 years ago! Do not make the same mistakes.

I guarantee that this 6 Week Gym programme is unlike most you have ever encountered. We train the right muscles that will help the every day person feel better day to day. Lose weight effectively. Get stronger and pain free!

Also, with the 12 Week Online Transformation Challenge and the 30 Day Ultimate Fat Burning Challenge included in the package, you can get an unbelievable workout in anywhere, especially on days when life gets in the way and you can't make the gym!

Both the 12 Week Online Transformation Challenge and 6 Week PT Challenge start this Monday, September 3rd.

This exclusive package will not be on offer again for 2018 so now is your only chance to sign up!

With the 6 Week Online Personal Training Package, you get:

✅6 Week Gym Programme unlike anything you have participated in before
✅PDFs with links on how to effectively do each exercise correctly and pain free
✅Coach Seán 6 Week PT Challenge eBook
✅ Online Follow Along Workouts that can be done at any time throughout the day
✅ A detailed progressive from the 12 Week Online Transformation Challenge 12 week plan
✅  BONUS Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge included for FREE
✅ No Equipment needed
✅ Online support and knowing you're not going through the challenge alone
✅ Affordability: Much cheaper than a 3 month gym membership
✅ Motivation and Accountability incorporated into the programme
✅ Coach Seán eBook for tips to stay on track
✅Nutrition eBooks and Recipes
✅ Programme incorporates fat loss, fitness and toning
✅ Built for your long term success
✅ Everything is Online




If you feel like you need a little more accountability into your workouts. Someone to be on your case weekly to keep you on track. And if your workouts to be a little more personalised and specific to your goals, then there is only one option for you: The Complete Online Personal Trainer Package!

Workouts can be specifically designed to your goals with them progressed every 3 weeks to keep you on track and motivated to succeed. 

Training for a Marathon or a particular sporting event? We can put you on the fast track to achieve your goals!

You also get everything included above absolutely FREE in the package as well as: 

✅A unique action plan for achieving your goals while keeping your lifestyle into consideration, the keys to long term success and sustainability
✅ Someone to keep your Consistency, Accountability and Motivation up.
✅ Detailed Programmes (change every month to keep you from becoming complacent and accounting for new goals when you smash your current ones) with videos of every exercise for at home or in the gym, depending on your situation and your goals
✅ Weekly check ins on your progress via Skype or Phone Call
✅ Experience. A qualified Coach who has a track record in helping people online achieve their health and fitness.
✅ Also LIFETIME ACCESS to the Coach Seán Online Fitness Group! The one place that you can go to to keep yourself accountable and motivated along with likeminded people!  
✅ Support. Constant support from me, on hand for any questions you may have. This is not a hand out come back to me in three weeks programme

And the best thing is that you get all this at a fraction of the cost of Personal Training sessions. All of this included for only 119e a month!