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6 Week Online Personal Training Transformation Challenge 2019 Application Form

It only takes two minutes to fill out the form below to apply for a one week free trial of the Coach Seán Online 6 Week Challenge.

To find more about the 6 Week Challenge and our success stories, click HERE

I am only allowing 20 people in for this challenge as any more than that and I will not be able to give you the commitment and attention for this challenge that you deserve.

And I will be basing those 20 people off this form and your ‘why’. I want you to really think about your ‘why’ before filling it in. ‘Losing weight’ is not an answer. Losing a specific amount for an event or health reason is. Be specific and honest with yourself. You don’t have to go into detail if it is a personal answer, all I ask is that you give it some though before filling it out.

Applications close this Friday, May 17th, at 3pm

I will be emailing you after the deadline if you got accepted for the 6 Week Challenge starting on Monday.

You will then get my Coach Seán 6 Week Challenge eBook included in my free trial as well as a ton of recipes and nutrition advice to start the challenge right!

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form below and I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals


Name *
Age *
Do you have any nutrition restrictions?
Can you commit to the next 6 weeks, starting from this Monday, to stay consistent with your training and stay on track with nutrition at least 80% of the time? *
(Treat meals are allowed and I always recommend enjoying yourself if you have events coming up but if you're on holidays for at least one week over the next 6 weeks, I would not recommend this challenge)
I am committed to achieving my Health & Fitness Goals in 2019
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