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Coach Seán Online Personal Training Programme

✅ At Home workouts
✅ Personalised Training
✅ If you're constantly travelling with your job
✅ Workouts that can be done anywhere
✅ Self Motivated
✅ Workout at your own schedule
✅ Constant support and have someone on hand at any time for any questions
✅ Everything is Online
✅At a fraction of the cost of Face to Face Sessions

Coach Seán here and I am delighted to introduce to you my Coach Seán Online Personal Training Programme. I have worked hard on this programme for the last couple of months, incorporating everything I have learned in over 8 years as a PT,  to ensure that when you sign up to the programme you are given the best possible chance to succeed.  

Who is this Programme most suited to?

This programme is specifically tailored to individuals who don't have access to a gym and/or travel a lot with their profession. So the workouts can be done anywhere. Every specifically tailored programme comes with a video of each exercise to help ensure that the exercises are performed safely. Programmes are only given out after I have a full understanding of your lifestyle, previous training and future goals. I am here to make sure you get what you need out of the programme, not what I think you should do.

Having a programme and an idea of what to eat is great. But it's not nearly enough to succeed long term. The Coach Seán Online PT CAM programme breaks down into three sections:

How to keep you Consistent in your Programme

How to make you Accountable

How to maintain your Motivation


We look at your style and eating habits so we can figure out, together, when it's best for you to train and what you should eat around these times to maintain your energy levels. This will help develop consistency. Any fitness programme without consistency will lead to failure


Your own 'why?' as well as goals set out during the programme will keep you accountable. Because we will have sat through times to eat right and train, excuses will be out the window. I will be there to ensure you stay on track and keep you accountable.


It is my job to help make sure you train when we find the best time for you to train. That I make the programme as realistic as possible to stay on track. Your goals and your 'why?' will help keep you motivated for a lot of the time. But there are times where you will dip. I've seen it happen to most motivated of people. I will be there to push you through these times in pursuit of your long-term health and fitness goals.

A Programme that recognises how unique a person and their situation are

This Programme is designed to be as specific as possible to you. During our first consultation, we will figure out what the tools are and schedule in your nutrition and exercise specifically to your lifestyle to make it sustainable for you. Each person is unique. One size fits none in this industry. The best time to train and the number of meals and calories you should be eating are 100% dependant on how your day to day operates. This programme takes you and your lifestyle into account.

coach sean online pt personal trainer package ebook consistency accountability motivation

Coach Seán Online PT CAM Programme eBook

I personally believe that in order to stick to a programme, you must understand what it is you are doing and why. That is why you get my eBook on the programme 100% free where I include specific details of this programme as well as my philosophies on all things training and nutrition. I don't believe in food plans so we go through how we can make as little modifications to your nutrition as possible to make it sustainable for long-term success.

So what do you get in the Coach Seán Online PT Programme:

- A unique action plan for achieving your goals while keeping your lifestyle into consideration, the keys to long term success and sustainability

- Someone to keep your Consistency, Accountability and Motivation up.

- Detailed Programmes (change every month to keep you from becoming complacent and accounting for new goals when you smash your current ones) with videos of every exercise for at home or in the gym, depending on your situation and your goals

- Weekly check ins on your progress via Skype or Phone Call

- Experience. A qualified Coach who has a track record in helping people online achieve their health and fitness.

- An eBook that gives you an in-depth understanding of the programme and my philosophies to training and nutrition

- Also LIFETIME ACCESS to the Coach Seán Online Fitness Group! The one place that you can go to to keep yourself accountable and motivated along with likeminded people!  

- Support. Constant support from me, on hand for any questions you may have. This is not a hand out come back to me in three weeks programme

All of the above materials are included in every package we provide. I don't believe in handing out generic programmes as they very rarely lead to success and in more cases than not, you are just wasting your money.

Coach Seán Online Personal Training Package

There are no excuses if you are interested in your LONG TERM health and fitness. Now is the time to sign up and fit your health into your schedule at a convenient time that suits you. And you can sign up to the Coach Seán Online Personal Training Package at just 119e per month


We all have the same 24 hours in the day. No time is a poor, lazy excuse. Your health is your wealth and now is the time to put some stock into yours. Sign up now to find a unique and exclusive programme for your health and fitness goals.

We will also include the Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge, the 12 Week Online Transformation Challenge and the workouts for the 6 week PT Challenge in your package along with accountability from me to stay on track!