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You know that Summer is right around the corner but you have no idea where to start with your training to get fit for the Summer. You search online to see a ton of different programmes and you chop and change, desperate for results yet not sure why you are doing certain exercises. A Personal Trainer would be great help but when you try to find a Coach you realise that it is very expensive.

But you’re also finding it hard to stay motivated to go to the gym. You’re not seeing the results you want and there is no accountability to keep continuing.

Of course there is another way.

And that is why I have designed the Coach Seán Online Personal Training Challenge and am now delivering it through the Coach Seán App (FAQ SECTION - why is this different to just downloading an App and doing workouts from there).

What is the Coach Seán Online Personal Training Transformation Challenge?

The Coach Seán Online Personal Training Transformation Challenge is a 6 week Gym programme designed to help you get more fit, strong and leaner. Unlike most programmes, this gym programme will take into account your lifestyle and help you move and feel better while also aiding you to achieve your goals.

The Challenge is then delivered through the Coach Seán Fitness App. Using this App, we can create accountability. We can stay connected through the Instant Messaging function so I can answer your questions that you may have as well as storing all your progress and tracking all your workouts.

You will also receive Nutrition eBooks as well as recipes. You will learn why you are on particular foods without the need for counting carbs or calories as we build towards long term sustainability.

How are the workouts delivered and designed for you?

With the 6 Week Transformation Challenge, you will not just get a random set of exercises and be sent on your way. The exercises are picked based on your current fitness level so that you are able to complete the workouts.

You will be given an initial screening form that will help me determine your current fitness level, experience in the gym, as well as your goals. Through that, the workouts will be modified based on what I think will suit you best. We will be on constant contact to work on those modifications over the 6 Weeks.

The screening form will also help determine when to train and how many times a week.

After that, I will set up your profile on the Coach Seán App and you will gain access to your programme. I will schedule in the times you are available and willing to train and we will work from there.

The workout in the App will have video links for every exercise we do, demonstrated by me with alternatives if necessary for each exercise.

You will be able to record your sets, reps and rest along with additional comments and use that to monitor your progress over the 6 Weeks.

We can create accountability through the App. I get a notification for every time you check in to start a workout and will be able to keep on top of your progress.

You can also integrate the Coach Seán Fitness App with MyFitnessPal and Fitbit to get even more out of your training

Great so I get all this technology and your eBooks for Mindset, Nutrition as well as one specific to this challenge. But how do I know it will work for me?

That’s a great question. And one I could answer. But I prefer to let some of my previous Challengers answers that question:

”Cannot recommend Seán highly enough. Due to a bad shoulder injury over 8 months ago I was unable to train and have struggled to get my fitness level back to where it was. I signed up for the 6 weeks challenge and it has been the best thing I did. Sean adapted and changed some of the workouts to suit my own individual needs. With his help tailoring the exercises to suit me I have now regained 95% of the strength in my arm! He is a great motivator and pushes you to go that bit extra in the PT sessions. To see such a difference in my strength and fitness levels over the 6 weeks is motivation enough to sign up for again... Looking forward to continuing training with you”
- Andrea

”I have just finished the 6 week personal training course with Coach Sean and I can't recommend it highly enough. Excellent support from the outset and all the way through. I am delighted with the results! Sean is an absolute gentleman! His programme is very easy to follow on the nutrition side and two training sessions with him per week, while tough, are still great fun too - which is no mean feat! 10/10!!” - Jacqueline

”Thanks so so much for all your help over the last six weeks. I was dreading starting it because id never been to a gym before but honestly it was just great, you're a deadly trainer. The workouts were absolutely brilliant, I never thought I would ever be able to do anything like that. Thanks again!”
- Ann-Marie

I have spent the past year doing this Challenge one to one with clients and have achieved some fantastic results as well as continuing to modify the Challenge so that it is even better each time.

I am so confident in this Challenge working for you that if you complete this Challenge and do not find any improvement of feel that it was up to a high standard for you to spend your hard earned money on, I will give you 100% refund.

With this Online Transformation programme, you will be given all the tools for success.

This programme is not only designed to increase your fat loss goals but for this of you who commute a lot or work in an office job, Most gym programmes are either too basic (all machine weights) or are body builder style programmes that they read out of a magazine. They do not address your true needs! They DO NOT help people who work in an office and, in most cases, increase the likelihood of lower back injuries. They DO NOT help people who commute every day and find themselves sitting down for large portions of the day only to go to the gym in the evening and put more weight on their already compressed back. I fell for this trap when I first graduated nearly 10 years ago and have the injuries to show for it. But I know follow the principles of this programme that have helped me in my 30s feel much better than I did in my 20s.

I guarantee that this 6 Week Gym programme is unlike most you have ever encountered. We train the right muscles that will help the every day person feel better day to day. Lose weight effectively and help keep the weight off. Long term sustainable plans. Get stronger and pain free from Monday, March 25th.

What do you get with the 6 Week Online Personal Training Package?

✅6 Week Gym Programme unlike anything you have participated in before

Upper and Lower body Gym workouts with optional HIIT sessions, depending on you and your goals

✅Coach Seán Fitness App

Exclusive to my clients only. You can access the workouts anywhere and keep yourself accountable while seeing your progress.
✅Coach Seán 6 Week Personal Training Challenge eBook. No stone is left unturned in this eBook that will help you accomplish your goals

✅Online support and knowing you're not going through the challenge alone

With the App, you will be able to Instant Message me at any time as well be in a group with others who are going through the Challenge too.

✅Affordability: Much cheaper than Personal Training

To do this Challenge with me in Lucan would cost you €450 for the 6 weeks. This Challenge will be a fraction of that and you will get most of the benefits too… with the exception of my in person charming personality of course.

✅Motivation and Accountability incorporated into the programme

Every session is documented and I will receive notifications of every workout you do or don’t do. Before the challenge begins, we will be able to workout when the best time is for you to train based on your fitness and lifestyle. We then schedule your workouts into the App and make it a can’t miss appointment.

✅Coach Seán eBook on Consistency, Accountability, and Motivation

Speaking of accountability, this eBook will give you the tools you need along with my latest bonus book on 6 Hacks to lose 6kg of Body Fat or more in 6 Weeks.

✅Nutrition eBooks and Recipes

Know what you are eating and why while you build towards long term sustainability. Why is this important? You’re not doing a crash diet only to put on all the weight again after you finish. That’s not what I want and it is certainly not what you want.

✅The Programme incorporates fat loss, fitness, and toning

This programme is specifically built to work on increased strength, fat loss and fitness. Not only will you look leaner after 6 weeks, you will FEEL better too.

✅Built for your long term success.

I’m not interested in short term before and after pictures just to keep selling a programme. If this does not go towards your long term success, well after the Summer, then I have not done my job right!

✅Everything is Online

You don’t have to rely on when our schedules meet up to get a session in. We build everything around YOU!

How much is the Coach Seán Online Personal Training Transformation Package?

To do this Challenge in person, it would be €450.

And you would get great results and I would ensure that you get value for money for that price.

But you’re not going to pay €450.

You’re not even going to pay €150.

Because this is the first Challenge using the Coach Seán App, you get the entire package for one ridiculously low cost of €79

Yes, €79 for everything!

What is the catch you may ask?

I’m only taking in 10 people because I want to make sure I can give everything to those 10 people to ensure they get the absolute most out of this Challenge. I’m not passing you off to another person to monitor your progress. When you sign up to this Challenge, you are dealing 100% with me and I am 100% dedicated to helping you achieve you goals

So be one of the 10 to sign up now:


Still not convinced? That’s cool and I get it. There’s plenty of so called Online Trainers out there that are only out for a quick buck. But here’s three reasons why this Programme is different:

1. You are dealing 100% with me. Not a computer programme or an assistant. If it’s my name on the programme, I want to ensure the best quality that I can.

2. Speaking of best quality, I have already run this programme at the start of 2019 with a small number of people to trial the programme, the exercises, the delivery of the exercises and nutrition. Here is a quick case study from Conor on the 6 weeks:

"Having overindulged over the Christmas period, I wanted to take on a fresh fitness challenge to motivate me in the New Year.

The Coach Sean 6 week challenge was exactly what I needed and was an amazing experience. Being provided recipes and guidelines on what to eat and why was a huge benefit and I know will help me long after the 6 week fitness plan The exercises were challenging and the recipes were easy to make and most importantly, delicious! Sean was a constant support and always available to discuss any difficulties I had. Over the course of the challenge, I lost 6kg (96kg-90kg) and could have lost more had I been more strict with my diet. But the fact I could still enjoy my food and get great results was also a huge bonus!

Regardless of your fitness goal,  I would recommend Coach Sean without hesitation and will definitely be working with him again” - Conor

6 week online coach training transformation challenge sean weight loss fat programme great results strength gym

3. You have a 100% guarantee on a proven programme! So if it doesn’t work for you, you still get to keep all the materials, all the eBooks, the recipes, my philosophies behind training that I have worked and studied on for 10 years.

How can an offer this guarantee because I have put the time and effort into perfecting this programme so that it will work for you just like it has for others.

Here’s another one of my testimonials from the 6 Week Challenge:

”Just finished the six week personal training program with Coach Sean and it was excellent. The workouts were really well structured and managed to be varied. The training progressed with my ability so I always felt like I was pushing myself. Sean was great at making you push yourself and I left every session feeling great even if my legs or arms depending on the day felt like jelly. The nutrition plan was also very manageable with the cheat day every week. I was really pleased with my change in measurements after the six weeks and would definitely do this program again.” - Caitriona

I did mention you have a 100% guarantee or your money back, right?

So you have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN by taking on the Challenge starting on Monday, March 25th.

The Challenge finishes on the May Bank Holiday weekend just in time for the Summer to begin.

SIgn up now for your Transformation in time for this Summer:


We’re starting Monday, March 25th and closing applications this Friday, March 22nd at midnight. But the 10 spaces will be gone well before then. So sign up and avoid missing out on this incredible deal now.


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