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Coach Sean Personal Training Systems

✅ Personalised, detailed programme to your goals
✅ Prefer one to one training
✅ Live near Lucan, Co. Dublin
✅ Want the to use the best equipment in resistance training
✅ Realistic Goal Setting and Plan
✅ Correct Posture and Technique

✅ Love the idea of having flexible hours to suit your schedule
✅ Have specific goals that need to be achieved
✅ Want to be trained by someone with years of experience
✅ Education on what you are doing and why
✅ Motivation and Accountability

Start the process now to achieve all your health and fitness goals by signing up to my Coach Seán Personal Training Systems that goves you the best possible chance to succeed

On top of getting all my PT Qualifications through a 3 year course to start my 8 year plus journey in Health and Fitness, I have also continue to stay informed, travelling as much as I can to stay on top of everything Health & Fitness related. 

I continue to get more educated by recently completing an 18 month Strength and Conditioning course with Setanta College, working towards a BSc as well as acquiring a CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) certification with world renowned trainers Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith in Orlando, Florida. I have also earned numerous other qualifications of the past 8 years, including my NCSC (National Certification in Strength & Conditioning) through KG Elite.

But qualifications are only pieces of paper if you do not put them to use. And that is what I have done, combining the knowledge of these courses as well as my own personal experiences in coaching to set up a step by step system to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. I have been involved with Coaching all levels of fitness with a variety of goals including fat loss, strength, performance and more. 

One of my biggest pet peeves in this industry is the big commercial gyms that are only interested in numbers. Gym membership is really just the price you pay for renting the equipment and most fitness instructors only get time to give you a quick cookie cutter programme (Usually involving a 10 min warm up, 15-20 mins on treadmill before your machine weights, a variation of Leg Press, Curls and Extensions followed by Chest Press, Lat PullDown/Row, Shoulder Press and Arms/Core, depending on the person and their time) Most don't get the second assessment and fall by the way side. It's not the instructor's fault, it's the system. And that is not what I want for my clients.

I am delighted to be involved with Fitness Forte Lucan who, thankfully, do not fall into that system.

 Fitness Forte Lucan
Location: Millbank House, Lower Lucan Road, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Fitness Forte Lucan offers everything we need, and then some, to help you achieve your long term Health and Fitness goals!

Your First Session

With most Personal Training sessions, you are offered the basic Health and Fitness assessment, a quick overview of your history and general talk about your goals before going straight into a programme.

With the Coach Seán Personal Training Systems, we go deeper into the assessment and breakdown of your goals as well as a movement screen to see the best suited exercises to help you achieve your goals and also to help you move and feel better in the long term. We are about long term sustainability and goals rather than quick fixes. In your first session, you go through our Fundamental Movement Patterns to decide the best exercises for you rather than what a trainer thinks the best exercise to achieve a goal is. This makes you move more efficiently, will be beneficial for your day to day lifestyle as well as helping you progress through exercises while also lowering your risk of injury.

Your first session is by far the most important as it is the foundation that we build everything around.

With the information that we get from your Fundamental Movement Patterns, we then tailor your workout out around your own physical capabilities and goals. After the session, I will plan your programme in greater detail going forward, using the Coach Seán Personal Training Systems.


After your first session, the programme is designed using the Coach Seán Personal Training Systems with your goals in mind. Your personalised workouts are designed so that we are constantly reevaluating your progress to keep you on track. We tailor the sessions, and the amount of sessions per week, around your own lifestyle to make sure that they are realistic and sustainable in the long term. There's too much contradiction out there for what people should be doing. In my opinion, one size fits none. There's too many circumstances involved for one programme to fit everyone's needs.

Every programme is based off your assessment so they are 100% unique to you. 

Each session can last anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour, it is completely dependant on your programme rather than time. 

Your Personalised Coach Seán Personal Training Systems Programme includes:
-Specific Warm Ups/Cool Downs designed around your Programme, Assessment and Previous Injuries
- Unique Training Programme based on your Goals and Assessment
- Accountability; Weekly Progression will be evident through the Programme
- Diet & Nutrition Advice (Coach Seán PT eBook 100% free as well)
- Zero Add ons and Up-Selling. I am interested in helping you achieve you goals, if that involves writing addition programmes for when you can't make the gym to help stay on track then that is included in your package.
- Improved Health, Energy, Fitness and Strength
- More Confidence and Motivation


For an assessment only, it is 60e for the session. I believe this is really undervalued with the amount of information you take away from it. I do not perform any sessions without this initial assessment as you do not get the most out of your time in the gym and I do not get to make the most out of tailoring a programme to your needs.

Each session, thereafter is 50e with discounts on multiple sessions for long term goals

For multiple sessions, the price of an assessment is included as a single session.

Coach Seán Personal Training Systems 5 Session Package - 220e

Coach Seán Personal Training Systems 10 Session Package - 400e

For additional enquires or if there are two or more of you, please feel in the form below or email me ( as times, availability slots and prices vary for multiple persons. 

Now is the time to take your training to the next level and achieve your goals


Coach Seán Personal Training Systems

Feel free to fill in the form below of you need any more details in regards to Personal Training Systems and to check for availability to suit your schedule as places are very limited. I will get back to your enquiry asap.

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