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PERSONal Training & Small group trainings

✅ Have the Gym brought to your house, near by park or workplace
✅ Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
✅ Small groups that you want to train with or one to one training
✅ Potential Team Building if done with work colleagues
✅ Classes specifically set around your goals
✅ Motivation to workout as everything is brought to you
✅ Are in the Dublin/Kildare area
✅Would like to increase the health and fitness levels in your workplace at lunch hours


Let me bring the Gym to your doorstep!

 If it's Personal Training you desire then the Coach Seán PT Package is exactly what you need. 
 I know my experiences and knowledge over the last 7 plus years can help you achieve your goals!

My previous experiences allow me to effectively guide everyone, from those aspiring to lose a few pounds to those looking to put on size and excel in their athletic field. 

By choosing me to be your Personal Trainer, I promise to go the extra mile for you to get the results that you deserve with a 100% completely tailor program to suit your needs, a comprehensive nutrition guide, as well as constant check ups to monitor your progress throughout the duration of your Coach Seán PT Package.


 When I say, I bring the gym to you... I mean I bring the gym to you! With more than enough equipment to ensure that we can tailor a workout plan to suit your goals!

When I say, I bring the gym to you... I mean I bring the gym to you! With more than enough equipment to ensure that we can tailor a workout plan to suit your goals!

You can book me for an hourly PT session of 60e where I bring the gym to your doorstep and tailor each session to suit your needs. 

Coach Seán Personal Training Rates:

5 Coach Seán PT sessions for 230e

10 Coach Seán PT Sessions for 400e

Both included in depth Coach Seán Nutrition Guide and recipes to tailor to your goals.

With booking multiple sessions, we can set out and timetable your program for an extended period of time thus increase your chances of achieving your goals. I have trained a wide variety of clients, from getting athletes prepared for sporting events to brides-to-be getting in shape for the big day.

It's much easier to achieve your goals when you have someone to share the experience with. Therefore I have a HUGE discount on multiple persons! 

Tag A Mate in For FREE

Why not bring your friend on your fitness journey and split the cost 50-50! Not only are you getting quality personal training that you just can not get in a gym but you're also helping your friend/partner along with these benefits:

- It is much easier to go through a program when you know someone else is going through the same thing!

- Accountability! You're more likely to succeed when you have someone dedicated to the program as well. You can't let them as well as yourself down

- Just because there are two of you, does not mean the sessions will not be tailored to each individual. Exercises/Sets/Reps/Weights will all be tailored per individual if I know that person will benefit more

- Costs are split 50-50. Instead of 40e per session, it is only 20e (based on a 10 Pt Sessions Package) for your to have a tailor made workout from your home/area as well as nutrition guidelines/advice and support! 


5 Coach Seán PT sessions for 230e (115e each)

10 Coach Seán PT Sessions for 400e (200e each)


Multiple Coach Seán Personal Training Rates:


For three - four people:

5 Coach Seán PT sessions for 300e (total cost)

10 Coach Seán PT Sessions for 500e (total cost)


Contact me for competitive rates on more than 4 people

My main reason for offering a huge discounted rates for multiple people is that I believe that if there is more than one of you involved, there is a greater chance of success as you have someone to help push you through and keep yourself accountable when the sessions are over. 

So for you and three of your friends to sign up to 10 Coach Seán PT Sessions, it works out at only 12.50e per personal session per person!

Here is what you  receive in your Coach Seán PT package:

- Personalised Session that suits YOUR goals!
- Your own Nutrition Plan to suit your body and likes.
- Achievable goals timetable. No matter the time frame, I will help ensure you will be at your absolute best for what ever event or occasion is on the horizon.
- The Gym brought to your doorstep. If you decide you want the sessions at home or near home, I can bring the gym to you with ample equipment at your disposal including Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Battle Ropes, Hurdles, Ladders and even supply fitness mats for the sessions! 

- Continued support and advice before and after the sessions. I will be on hand with any advice you may need through email and phone. 
- At home workout plans between PT sessions so you can keep your fitness on track!

Email me on  for more details on my competitive rates and personal guarantee to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

I also offer out corporate packages, having previously worked with schools as well as large companies. Numbers for this class depend entirely on the facilities in the area as I have previous experience in successfully coaching large amounts of people. Email me for rates if you would like me to come to your work place during lunch hours or even after work. While most commuters are stuck in heavy traffic, I to bring the gym directly to you. A days work and a work out session in for have guilt free evenings at home!

So fill in your details below to book your Coach Seán PT Package NOW**

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**The prices include travel provided you're within a reasonable from Maynooth (i.e 45 mins travel)

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