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Episode 1: What this Podcast is all about

Today's episode is a very short episode to give you guys an idea of where I want to go with this podcast. I want to give you short, actionable advice each week and to be open and transparent with my own training. There are too many 'fitness' accounts that are full of it right now. Fake pictures, claiming to go 'beast mode' and hashtag hustle when they really aren't. Random workouts or workouts that just should not be done by everyone etc. While this sounds like a rant, I want this podcast to focus on being positive and actions you can take to make your health and fitness just a little better each week while also enjoying the journey. I'll be using my own journey as an example. Why I don't count calories, the types of training to do that will fit your lifestyle. Looking at different health and fitness trends right now to see what you can relate to and apply to your life. I can wait to share my journey with you with this podcast. New episodes will start from this Wednesday, September 4th