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Personal Training 6 Week Challenge

In 6 weeks, completely change your approach to your health and fitness and get in the best shape you have been in years, GUARANTEED. Starting Monday, July 23

For the first time ever, I am inviting people to join me on my 6 week Health & Fitness Challenge. This challenge is only available to the first EIGHT PEOPLE who sign up. Why is this challenge different than all the rest? Well, I have talked about it before online, but it is the one thing I have never shared the precise details with you guys... UNTIL NOW

As a lot of you know, around this time each year, I dedicate 6 weeks strictly to my health and fitness. Until now, it is the one thing that I have not shared in detail with you guys. For those of you that do not know, check out my blog on my experience in 2017 with the challenge HERE. When I have been at my best, it has been due to this programme. And now I want to share that journey with you. 

In this year's Challenge, I will be documenting everything that I do in the gym and in the kitchen. I am looking for 8 people to join me on this journey! 

I first started this challenge in the summer of 2014, giving myself 6 weeks to get in the best shape I possibly could. So I set myself up for a strict nutrition plan, similar in principle to what I had seen help 100s of women achieve success through live classes with me and on the online Booty Camp course. But just a lot more challenging! Along with the diet, I followed a gym programme that I have altered over the years in an effort to perfect as I constantly learning and developing in this industry. 

     Day 1 of the Challenge along with the old, ridiculous                                                  logo

    Day 1 of the Challenge along with the old, ridiculous                                                  logo

It was a case in practicing what I preached at the time in terms of nutrition and combining it with what I was constantly learning in the gym to push myself.

A typical week in this challenge includes:
2 resistance training sessions (two One to One Personal Training sessions you will be doing per week with me)
A HIIT session (15-20 minutes with workouts provided through PDF and follow along videos) 
Nutritional Guidance provided via the Nutrition eBook which will include a shopping list for your 3 meals a day, recipe ideas, tips to stay on track... and well earned rest days with little cheats as well

       Definite improvement and a huge difference over 6                                                weeks! 

      Definite improvement and a huge difference over 6                                                weeks! 

Delighted with the results and the feeling I had on finishing the challenge, I decided to do it all again the following year. 

In 2015, I set myself up for the challenge again, making some tweaks to the nutrition and gym programme. This time with the finish of the challenge coinciding with my friend, Eric and I heading off to Canada on holidays. Living with me the previous year and seeing the results, he also decided to join in the challenge as we pushed each other to stay on track right up to Canada. To say he found success in the challenge that helped get him back on track is a huge understatement!

                              Eric before and after the Challenge in 2015

                             Eric before and after the Challenge in 2015

As you can clearly see, this challenge made life-changing results for Eric! And he's been on the fitness journey ever since! He wasn't the only housemate to get involved in this challenge. My friend, Grace, also got involved. And she went from someone who never squatted in the gym before to absolutely killing it. She's stuck with the training and has completely changed her approach to her nutrition, showing how sustainable this challenge is (Check out her Instagram for awesome food inspiration: @theglutenfreezone)

                       From not using weights at all, Grace got a lot fitter and stronger through this challenge

                      From not using weights at all, Grace got a lot fitter and stronger through this challenge

And now I want to open up this Challenge to you!

This full challenge, that both Eric & Grace completed, will now be available to you. As well as doing the exact same programme that I will be doing, you will also receive One to One Personal Training Sessions from me, twice a week. Full nutrition support and access to my online support group where I will be posting additional challenges, programmes and events. 

But this challenge requires you to be motivated & committed. You have to have the will to want to succeed in this challenge and give it 120%

I'm only taking 8 people because I want all 8 people to succeed. Only sign up to take one of the 8 limited spaces now if all of these are applicable to you:

✅Dedicating the next 6 weeks, beginning Monday 23rd of July, to this challenge. To get the best out of this challenge, full commitment will be required.
✅Completing 12 Personal Training Sessions across the 6 week challenge
✅PT Sessions will only take place in Lucan. You will be required to travel to Lucan twice a week over the 6 Week Challenge
✅ This Programme is limited to ONLY 8 people, so please make sure you do not have any holidays etc coming in the next 6 weeks that will stop you from being able to fully commit
✅ Have the willpower and motivation to stick to a rigid nutrition plan and follow along to the guidelines set out in my new nutrition eBook that is included. 
✅ You're ok with inspiring others. Your journey and testimonials during this challenge will be used on my social media page to help future challengers as you will gain access to the Coach Seán Online Fitness Group and free access my future programmes and events.
✅You want to succeed now.

This Challenge is not easy. But the Nutrition eBook will help you understand what to eat and why you're eating it. In the eBook you will gather ideas of meals to eat, why you won't be counting calories and how to turn the challenge into long term sustainability. In addition to the Nutrition eBook, there will be weekly recipes, tips and hints provided to you through the Coach Seán Online Fitness Group.

And I am including all of the above at a one time only, introductory offer of:


That's €199 for 12 Personal Training sessions over 6 weeks


It's a one time only offer. This is the inaugural Coach Seán PT Challenge that I am publicly doing and I want YOU to show everyone how truly successful it can be! With only 8 slots available, you need to act NOW!

They will go fast and when you see the results on my social media and the price hike of future challenges, you will be gutted that you were not involved in this Challenge.

Are you ready to dedicate 6 weeks to completely changing your health and fitness starting Monday, July 23rd?

Sign Up Now before the 8 slots are taken!