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Teacher Mid-Term Boot Camp Challenge in Lucan


Christmas seems like an eternity ago. January has been dark and dull. You feel like it has been the longest 6 weeks ever until the mid-term. And with the midterm is fast approaching, you’re not too sure what to do.

Do you just rest and recuperate for the week? Is it worth the extortionate fees to try to get a way for a few days?

Or maybe you want to do something completely different and make the most of your week away from school?

The motivation you had at the start of January to dedicate time to the gym has long faded and now you’re just looking for that week off just to recover after dealing with all the planning, preparation, kids… in some cases, their parents! I can imagine you just want to curl up in a ball to watch Netflix while catching up on some work to make the next term more manageable. Even if you had that motivation to do something, where do you start? What exactly can you don in the gym during your week away and how much can you realistically accomplish before going back to school the following week?

I get that your work day doesn’t start and finish with the sound of the the bell. There are hours of preparation before and after the classes to ensure they run smoothly and that you can stick to the curriculum. Not to mention dealing with the kids, which can have it’s good days and bad. Or worse, their parents. And then there’s inspections on top of all that to watch over how you do your own job? It sounds stressful just typing this out.

I know this because I have lived with teachers. Worked with teachers. Trained teachers. Your job is incredibly difficult and one I personally could not do.

But I know a way that can help you outside of the school.

Training and focusing on your health and fitness may seem like an extra task on top of a never ending list. But what if you were shown exactly what you needed to do in the gym and given a foundation to start. How to hack your metabolism and and burn fat long after the workout is over. Shown where to start on your nutrition and build a sustainable lifestyle based on your needs and goals. Work with a Personal Trainer who has 10 years experience in this industry and getting results.

Imagine building a lifestyle that lead to you being healthier. Have more energy to deal with the long school days. Feel better and more active.

We’re not talking about a quick fix. If you think this programme is about taking your money, working out to the extreme for one week, starving yourself to achieve quick results only to fall back into the same habits and routine, you’re gravely mistaken.

I’m not interested in quick fixes and neither should you.

What I do want to do is build up a long term foundation for your success in your health and fitness.

And to do that, all we need is your commitment and just 45 minutes out of your day between Monday and Friday morning (8am-12pm).

What you get during your midterm week:

You will get 5 Sessions during those times throughout your midterm
Nutrition eBook with guidelines on how to build towards a long term sustainable diet
A plan to build on your health and fitness, tailoring it to your goals after the week is up

In your one week with me, you will learn how to build towards your long term goals. You will find initial success and a boost in your energy levels during this week. And then you will know how to capitalise on that for even greater success! Your goals that seemed like a distant memory from New Years will now become increasing probable.

The bad news? Limited Availability

We have only 8 spaces for this challenge. And you are going to need to act fast to secure a spot!

GUARANTEE: If you attend all 5 sessions in the week and go through our eBooks and yet still feel like you are completely lost on what you need to do in a gym to achieve the results you desire, we will give you 100% of your money back at the end of the programme.

If I can’t help you build that foundation then I haven’t earned your money.

But I will do everything I can to help you.

Included in your package will be a Recipes book, packed with easy to cook ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Along with what to eat and how to make it, we will explain to you why we think these are the best food options for you. Long term restricted diets do not work. These tasty recipes will help build towards sustainability.

I talked about this not being a quick fix. And that is why I am offering you a one month FREE TRIAL of my Coach Seán Online Training Programme* (launching in March) You’ll get one month of gym and at home workouts as well as updated support from me to help keep you on track.

Dedicate just 45 minutes out of your day from Monday to Friday to build a foundation for long term Health & Fitness. To have more energy for your work day. To build on your New Years promises to lose weight, run your first 5km/10km. To build on what you should be doing in the gym for your goals.

5 Personal Training sessions would cost you €250

And that is before the Recipes book, the Coach Seán Personal Training eBook and all of the other materials you will get with this challenge.

But because we are running our first Midterm Boot Camp Challenge in Lucan, we are offering a HUGE discount for the 8 people who sign up.

You get this challenge, the 5 PT sessions, the nutrition support, along with one month FREE Coach Seán Online Coaching Programme* for only


€149 for:
45 Minute Sessions for the 5 Days
Nutrition Support
FREE ACCESS for first Month to Coach Seán New Online Programme starting in March*

After 8 people sign up, you will have to wait until April to sign up and the price will increase to €199, without the one month Online Coaching included.

Still unsure whether to take advantage of this incredible offer? Read what some of my clients have had to say about my Personal Training sessions:

The workouts were really well structured and managed to be varied. The training progressed with my ability so I always felt like I was pushing myself. Sean was great at making you push yourself and I left every session feeling great even if my legs or arms depending on the day felt like jelly.” - Caitriona

”Excellent support from the outset and all the way through. I am delighted with the results!” - Jacqueline

”Sean adapted and changed some of the workouts to suit my own individual needs. With his help tailoring the exercises to suit me I have now regained 95% of the strength in my arm! He is a great motivator and pushes you to go that bit extra in the PT sessions.” - Andrea

Do not miss out on this offer. We only have 8 spots available and once they are gone, not only are they gone. This offer will not be back for the next mid term break in April and you will be well behind in achieving your goals for the Summer holidays. Don’t lose out on 6 weeks and have to pay double the price to wait longer for your rewards.

Click on the link below to take one of the 8 limited spots for the one week Boot Camp starting on Monday, February 18th


I’m sure you don’t need me to clarify the midterm dates but just to be sure. The challenge starts on Monday, February 18th.

Once you sign up, you will receive all your materials on Friday, February 15th including your nutrition guides for the week to get maximum results. From there, we will plan on exactly when you will be doing your sessions (remember, you must be free for 45 minutes between 8 am and 12 pm for all 5 days). You’ll be surprised on how much we can accomplish in a week. But it won’t last if we can not build long term sustainability to your results. In your nutrition eBook, we will detail how you can build on your progress. And to ensure results, you will also have one month FREE access to the Coach Seán Online Personal Training (newly designed to launch in March).

Sign up now and I will see you on Monday, February 18!


*You will get the one month free Coach Seán Online Training Programme after submitting a quick testimonial on your experiences with this Challenge