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Ladies Are You Ready To Tighten Your Tummy, Sculpt Your Booty, Shape Your Hips, and Melt Away Those Muffin Tops with Coach Seán’s Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge??


Dear Female Recruits,

It’s Coach Conor here from and I’m delighted to announce the release of Coach Sean’s Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge workout series. This step-by-step fat melting Challenge has been specifically designed to target 5 key areas that most of us have trouble with.

They are:

#1 – STOMACH and #2 – HIPS

woman abs core 6 pack




women toned thighs


#4 – BOOTY

women booty squats



women toned arms


The idea of our 30 Day Challenge is super simple.

For 30 Days you’re going to get a unique and targeted step-by-step workout video from Coach Sean that focuses directly on fat loss and toning in these 5 key areas. Each video has been designed to target stubborn fat in the 5 key areas as well as tighten and tone specific muscles for a slim and shapely figure.

The workouts and 30 Day Challenge is broken into 4 distinct Phases to give you maximum fat burning effect. Each Phase contains 7 unique and powerful workouts all of which burn fat in exactly the right places.

Let’s take a look at just some of these workouts and how they’re going to get us the results that we want:

Phase 1 – Beginner to Thinner (Workouts 1 – 7)

Phase 1 is all about the fast track. By combining some high intensity moves with slimming core exercises we’ll pump up your metabolism so you’re burning fat throughout the entire 30 Day Challenge. Excess soft fat around our middle holds us back from looking our best so the focus here is shredding that belly fat and melting those muffin tops.

We call these “beginner” workouts because they are simple, but they’re certainly not easy! Coach Sean will push you to your limits so you’re going to start to see results after just a few days of beginning this 30 Day Challenge.

Here are a few of the workouts that you’ll find in the Beginner to Thinner series:

Workout #5 – Metabolism Booster 2

Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to burn fat even when you’re not exercising? And wouldn’t it be even better to know that you can lose weight even when you’re asleep? Yes I know it sounds crazy and too good to be true! But it is possible and it can be done.

The secret lies in your METABOLISM.

Each one of us has a FAT BURNING FURNACE in our bodies that can be activated with the right kind of exercise. Once activated your body will begin to burn fat way after your workout has ended. The trick is in knowing how to TURN ON the furnace and how to REV UP your metabolism.

That’s exactly what Coach Sean has created in his 2 part “Metabolism Booster” workout series. These 2 workouts target your bodies natural fat burning switch so you can begin burning rapid amounts of body fat in minimal time – even when you’re not exercising!

Want togive it a try?

No problem!

Just click play and you can try the whole thing out:


Workout #7– The Booty Blaster 2

Okay ladies no more hiding your booty in those loose unflattering pants because in this workout Coach Sean will show you how to get the firmest, perkiest butt ever! 

Exercises that increase your metabolism are fantastic because that burns fat all around our bodies. But it’s not good enough to burn fat just anywhere. Instead we need targeted fat loss. And in the 30 Day Challenge we are targeting fat loss in your tummy, thighs, hips, upper arms, and of course your BOOTY. That’s what this workout is all about. Once you’re done you’re going to want to run our and grab yourself a new pair of tight skinny jeans to show off your new amazing behind!

This workout is that good!!

Lynn (below) Lost 25 pounds using the Booty Camp workouts.
Want to Get Results Like Lynn?
Simple! Try out Coach Sean’s 30 Day Challenge!

25 lbs amazing transformation plan


Phase 2 – From Flab To Fab (Workouts 8 – 14)

Phase 2 is all about tightening and toning. One of the biggest problems that we can run into is cellulite. It occurs when we overuse one part of our bodies and underuse others. When this happens the fat that we have tends to accumulate in the specific areas that we underuse. And what are the areas that we underuse the most? Tummy, Hips, Booty, and Upper Arms – the EXACT areas that we need to tighten and tone!!

Fortunately Coach Sean has designed this entire Phase to focus in on specifically those areas. So if you want to shred that unwanted unattractive wobbly tummy and rid yourself of unsightly cellulite then jump right into the Flab to Fab series.

Here’s a quick look at some of the workouts:

Workout #9 – Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter 2

Right now it’s all about the butt ladies. We’re seeing it everywhere on social media from the squat challenge to the squat marathon. Everyone wants a great butt because it really gives you a huge boost to your overall shape. When you have a toned perky butt everything looks better!

Coach Sean has worked hard on researching and creating the perfect workout that’s going to give you an incredible butt lift that will look amazing in your jeans or pretty much anything you wear. You’ll also work on slimming and shredding the excess fat around the hips and thighs. Creating those curves is what it’s all about here.

Once you start to see some shape coming into your body that is going to drive you to work harder and in return you’ll get that amazing body you’ve always dreamed of. It’s time to stop hiding your figure behind baggy clothes and embrace the changes that your body is going through!

As Coach Sean says – “You don’t get a great ass by sitting on it!!” 😉

Workout #13 – Fat Attack 1

It’s time to attack that stubborn wobbly fat that tends to accumulate around the middle in such areas as the hips, inner thighs, outer things, and the back area. In this workout we make sure to hit those problem areas with high intensity “fat attack” moves that continue the fat melting process.

This workout is all about telling your body that YOU are in charge, not the fat! Here we’re really going to hit back at our wobbly bits and teach them who’s boss. If in doubt just remember this other quote from Coach Sean:

“Sweat is fat crying because you just punched it in the face!”

Yeah!! Take that fat!

Want to give this workout a try?

No problem!

Just click play and you can try the whole thing out:


Aoife (below) Lost 35 pounds using the Booty Camp workouts.
Want to Get Results Like Aoife?
Simple! Try out Coach Sean’s 30 Day Challenge!

challenge winner healthy transformation



Phase 3 – Bootylicious (Workouts 15 – 21)

We’re moving through to our “Bootylicious” series where everything now focuses on your SHAPE.  We’ll work on tightening in the tummy, thighs, and hips, as well as blasting away bingo wings and continuing to round the booty.

By Phase 3 you will have noticed some dramatic effects from the previous 14 workouts in Phase 1 and 2. So now it’s all about continuing that momentum and making sure that we get the maximum body shaping benefits from the 30 Day Challenge.

Here’s a quick look at some of the workouts during this Phase:

Workout #17 – Bikini Booty 3

It’s Bikini time ladies!!!

One of the main goals that we have with the 30 Day Challenge is that we want you to feel great in whatever outfit you’re wearing…even if it’s a bikini! Few really get excited of the thought of wearing a bikini and others totally dread it. If you’re not confident in the way you look or feel in your swimwear it can be an absolute nightmare and pretty upsetting for a lot of us!

But don’t worry because Coach Sean has created 3 UNIQUE Bikini Booty workouts that target the exact “trouble” areas that cause the most embarrassments when we’re stripped down to the bare minimum. In Bikini Booty 3 we target your fat at the cellular level as we aim to rid ourselves of the cottage cheese dumpling appearance around the heaviest part of our bodies.

With this workout we break down these fat stores and release that stubborn cellulite which is hoarded around the hips, bum and tum.

Workout #20 – Look Divine From Behind 1

One of the hardest places to lose fat in is the lower and upper back areas. Unless you know the right exercises it’s going to be tough to target that pudgy fat up along our back. It’s also really important that we lose the weight here or else all the work that we’ve been doing around our booty will not be seen as easily.

So in this workout Coach Sean shows you some specific fat burner moves for the lower and upper back areas. When we combine this with our other workouts then we’re able to get the desired shape that we want. Keep going now and it won’t be long before you “look divine from behind!”.

Want to give this workout a try?

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Just click play and you can try the whole thing out:



Niamh (below) Lost 28 pounds using the Booty Camp workouts.
Want to Get Results Like Niamh?
Simple! Try out Coach Sean’s 30 Day Challenge!



Phase 4 – Tone It UP! (Workouts 22 – 28)

In the final Phase we want to add the final touches to that bootyful body! The more toned your body the easier it’s going to be to get into your favorite dress or that pair of skinny jeans. Also in order for you to keep your shape you need to be tight and toned. Nobody wants to be “saggy skinny”. That’s the problem when you go on a weight loss diet. You’ll drop pounds but you’ll look 10 years older!

So in Phase 4 we focus in on individual body parts and target them for an entire workout. We take the 5 key trouble areas and dedicate entire workouts towards getting the best shape possible.

Here’s a quick look at just some of these workouts:

Workout #24 Catwalk Legs

This workout is all about sleek and slender legs and thighs. One of the major problem areas that we all have are the thighs. Many people think that the best way to tone this area is through running, but that’s completely wrong. The reason is that when you run you’re only working the front part of your legs, and not the inner and outer thighs.

In order to get sleek and toned legs we need to focus on ALL aspects of them, not just the front.

That’s exactly what Coach Sean does during this workout.

Workout #25 A-List Arms

It’s time to finally say goodbye to those dreaded Bingo Wings!!

Saggy, flabby, wobbly arms are so so common these days because very few of us actually take the time to work our arms during our workouts. The is particularly true for women and because of that we need to spend dedicated time working the upper arm areas.

In this particular workout Coach Sean shows you 7 unique and targeted exercises that are really going to help you shape and tone those arms. This is a tough workout but the results that you’re going to get from it make it more than worth it! 

Want togive it a try?

No problem!

Just click play and you can try the whole thing out:



Cara (below) Lost 40 pounds using the Booty Camp workouts.
Want to Get Results Like Cara?
Simple! Try out Coach Sean’s 30 Day Challenge!

unbelievable body transformation




Coach Sean’s Ultimate 30 Day Challenge

The above are just SOME of the workouts that you’ll receive with Coach Sean’s Ultimate 30 Day Challenge. Here is a complete list of each of the workouts that you’ll be getting…

(1) Beginner to Thinner 1

 (2) Beginner To Thinner 2

(3) Beginner To Thinner 3

 (4) Metabolism Booster 1

 (5) Metabolism Booster 2

 (6) The Booty Blaster 1

 (7) Week 1 Relaxation

(8) The Booty Blaster 2

(9) Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter 1

(10) Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter 2

(11) Metabolic Super Charge 1

(12) Metabolic Super Charge 2

(13) Fat Attack 1

(14) Week 2 Relaxation

(15) Fat Attack 2

(16) Bikini Booty 1

(17) Bikini Booty 2

(18) Bikini Booty 3

(19) Booty Ass-assination 1

(20) Booty Ass-assination 2

(21) Week 3 Relaxation

(22) Look Divine From Behind 1

(23) Look Divine From Behind 2

(24) Super Shaper

(25) Legs on Fire!

(26) A-List Arms

(27) Total Fat Burner – California Skater Session

(28) Week 4 relaxation

(29) Booty Challenge!

(30) Booty Assault Day

Now I know you’re probably looking at that list of workouts and thinking that you could never complete the entire 30 Day Challenge!

But don’t worry we’ll be there with you all the way and when you sign up for Coach Sean’s Ultimate 30 Day Challenge you’ll have access to these workouts FOREVER. That means you can still do them after the 30 days are over and you can complete the workouts whenever it’s convenient for you!

A 1 hour consultation with Coach Sean is just €50 so if you were to hire him to create your own personal 30 Day Challenge it would cost you €50 x 30Days = €1500.

However the investment required for the Ultimate 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge is not even 10% of what you’d expect to pay if you were to do this on your own.

Your investment is not €1500
It’s not €500
It’s not €250
It’s not even €150!

The cost for the ENTIRE Ultimate Day Challenge is the same as 2 personal consultation with Coach Sean:

 just €99!!

That means you’re getting ALL 30 workouts…for the price of 1!!!

But that’s not all…

Included in your 30 Day Challenge are the following:

Bonus #1 – Booty Camp Nutrition System

Included in the challenge are the first 4 manuals of our Booty Camp nutrition system. This is the same nutrition plan that has helped 1000’s of women lose 5 pounds or more in our official 8 Week Booty Camp Online Challenge. It contains the very best nutritional information with multiple recipes and meal plans.

Following this nutrition plan will accelerate your results even faster throughout the 30 days.

value: €99

So if you’re ready to sign up for the 30 Day Challenge then you can go ahead and register for it on the link below.

But before you do, we have an even better offer for you. If you’re committed to completing the 30 Day Challenge and you’re ready to bring your very best then we want to remove each and every barrier for joining in with us.

Instead of €99 for the challenge you can have all 30 workouts for just…


There’s no catch here. We’re really willing to give you the 30 Day Challenge for €1.67 per workout but we need you to be committed and we want you to bring your “A” game. This will be 30 Days of hard work and if you stick with it and complete the challenge then your body will be transformed beyond what you thought was possible.

So your investment, including all 30 workouts and all the bonuses is just €1.67 x 30 workouts =


That includes EVERYTHING and there is no additional investment for taking the challenge again or for doing the workouts at another time. This is less than a 1 hour consultation with Coach Sean and it’s just €1.67 per workout. That’s much less than a cup of coffee that you’d pick up in most places! And remember these workouts are then yours to keep, FOREVER.

So if you’re all set then you can go ahead now and register with the link, through PayPal, below. Once complete Coach Sean will contact you with the details of the 30 Day Challenge and how to access your materials:


And if you have any questions then please go ahead and contact Coach Sean at the following address:

He’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing how you got on in the 30 Day Challenge!

Coach Conor