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Currently living in Dublin, I've been involved in the fitness industry for over eight years now. Like most Personal Trainers, I started work in gyms as a Fitness Instructor, learning my craft and trying to gain as much experience as I can. I had the opportunity to work with East Coast FM for their 8 week 'Get Fit Challenge' a few years ago and it was during that experience that I truly realised that I wanted to dedicate myself to helping people.

I joined Booty Camp in December 2012 and have been with the team ever since. Unlike working in a gym, Booty Camp became a lot more self rewarding as I feel like we are really making a difference to how the ladies approach their fitness and well being as opposed to the routine "here's a gym program, try make a class or two, see you in 6 weeks approach" that was given in the gym over time due to the structure. We've documented a lot of the positive feedback and success stories we have received here:

I am constantly learning. After getting certified for Strength & Conditioning with KG Elite, I enrolled in Setanta College to further my Study in the S&C field, recently achieving a certificate in Strength & Conditioning after 18 months and also travelled to Orlando, Florida to become a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS). I am also qualified in Insanity and TRX on top of the 3 year education in college as I continue to build upon my CV in 2018. 

With over 8 years in this industry, I intend on making 2018 the biggest year yet for the Coach Seán brand. As well as Booty Camp in Castleknock, I am also running my PT sessions out of Fitness Forte Lucan and also providing classes for a corporate clients as well as having a number of clients for Mobile Personal Training as well running my Online Personal Training business,

Like my classes, I tend to not take myself too seriously yet I am always focused on the goals at hand. if I'm not doing something fitness related, you can usually catch me doing something American Football related or complaining about my 49ers!

If you are interest in Personal Training or want to join one of my live classes, feel free to email me: