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Booty Camp Information

We have hit our 5th anniversary and are only getting stronger, Booty Camp has helped hundreds of women lose fat, tone up and transform their eating habits thanks to our classes and nutrition guide


Our ladies have kicked ass in Booty Camp over the last number of years and have achieved tremendous results in getting fitter and stronger through our unique programme including smashing personal bests in their cardio and strength exercises. Our ladies have gone from not running, and even hating the idea of running, to completing their first 5kms and 10kms and dropped dress sizes and body fat. 

Booty Camp is a ladies only program that combines an emphasis on nutrition with live classes that are always vibrant with a wide variety of fun and energetic classes so that you're always ecstatic for the next one!

I make sure that the classes are laid back so there's always a good environment in the class but we also get the work done too!

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what some of our ladies have had to say about Booty Camp in Castleknock:


"Bootycamp has been the only programme that I have stuck at long term & continues to work.  I look forward to the new challenges Sean sets on a regular basis aswell as the social element to the class.

The programme allows you to enjoy life without feeling guilty for treating yourself!"


I have attended coach Sean classes for nearly 2 years & never find any class the same. It’s a great class for mixed ability & lovely group of ladies which keeps the class fun & you hardly notice you have an hours workout done. Also extra class in park on sat is a real bonus. 

- Sharon

Why Booty Camp?

  1. Boot Camp for Women: Our workouts are functional and specifically designed for ladies. You won't find any pointless biceps curls in our classes!
  2. Full Nutritional Support. We recognise that everyone is different so we incorporate that into your nutrition plan and guide you in what food suits your goals the most efficiently
  3. You're never alone. Our programmes work on 4 week courses so you start at the same time as other beginners. All our exercises can be modified to make them easier or more challenging so that you can get the most out of each and every class. 
  4. Online community support group. Through our support groups, my own personal email and online workouts in case you miss a class or want to challenge yourself even more! I am always only an email away and am more than happy to help you out at any time in any way that I can.
  5. Specific Challenge Days and goal setting. To help you start motivated and track your fitness progress! Our challenge days are divided into different fitness elements that we have found our ladies having the most interest in improving on. The Challenge Days help us set individual goals and make the experience unique to each person. 

Our Booty Camp program runs on a monthly membership so that our new members start at the same time. The one thing the ladies in our classes are guaranteed to tell you; Every class is different! Our classes can range from circuits, HIIT, boxing, core control, bodyweight training, yoga, pilates along with other surprises thrown in to keep you on your toes ;) With 2 classes a week as well as a bonus class on a Saturday morning, you will be well on your way to a fitter, stronger YOU!

Where our Booty Camp truly excels is in our in depth nutrition guide. Our 4 week nutrition guide is not a diet but a realistic step by step plan in guiding you to what you should be eating that suits your body and tastes. With a wide range of recipes and comprehensive list of foods, our nutrition guide sets you up for success. We also detail why certain foods that you think are healthy, could be hindering your progress and how you can identify this. We provide step by step meal plans as well as how to test for food intolerances and what foods make you fat. Not only will we show you what to eat but educate you on why you should or shouldn't be eating certain types of foods so we can help you to maintain your fat loss!

As well as the live classes, we also include our online package for FREE. That's 5 online workouts a week for 4 weeks. Especially useful for if you miss a class or would like to get a little more out of the program, these 25 minute workouts are guaranteed to get your metabolism going and make you work up a sweat! The online package alone has helped women all over the country achieve their goals

Click on the link below to see some of the many success stories we've had at Booty Camp!



Our packages usually start at the beginning of every month and we've already helped hundreds of women achieve their fat loss goals. Check out our success stories below to see how Booty Camp has helped these ladies achieve their goals!

I am currently the Head Coach of Booty Camp in Castleknock, Dublin 15  and have been since we have started 5 years ago. We have constantly tailored our classes and nutrition to what we have felt was the most beneficial for everyone to achieve their goals. 

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Membership Options

As a thank you for checking out this webpage: here is our week 1 of 4 in depth Nutrition Manual absolutely FREE for you to download and keep. Week 1 is by far our toughest week but the following weeks help mould your diet into something that is maintainable long term and help you achieve your fitness goals. We're not about fad diets but lifetime real results that can be easily managed and maintained with what suits you and your individual lifestyle.

Our FIRST CAMP OF 2018 camp of the year starts MONDAY JUNE 11TH in St Brigid's Castleknock Community Centre at 7pm and will run until the Christmas Break!

Our classes are on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7pm as well as a bonus class most Saturday mornings in the Phoenix Park

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We are now doing multiple month memberships as well as our usual single month membership of 75e. Save money and make the commitment to dedicate yourself to the Booty Camp Challenge!


Our 3 month membership for 200e - Saving you 25e off the original membership price.

Our 6 month membership for only 350e -  Saving you 100e off the original membership price.

12 month membership for just 600e - Saving you 300e!! We're knocking the equivalent of 4 MONTHS off the original membership price. 

Membership Options

If you want to try our class for just the one month, click HERE now to start your fitness journey with us in JUNE 2018!

And I will see you very soon!






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Click HERE for a Google Maps location to the St Brigid's National School in Beechpark which is right beside the Community Centre


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