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Workout Videos

Use this Page for ideas for complete workouts, adding ideas into your own workouts and my thoughts on all things Health & Fitness related! 

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20-20 Workouts

There's more than one way to skin a cat and there's always more than one way to do any exercise! Check out my 20-20 Series on 20 different ways to switch up your routine for exercises such as Push Ups and Jumping Jacks

20-20 Push Ups
20-20 Kettlebells
20-20 Planks 
20-20 Core
20-20 Jumping Jacks 
20-20 Dumbbell Combination Exercises
20-20 Ladder Drills
20-20 Battle Ropes 
20-20 Sandbags 
20-20 Medicine Ball 
20-20 Tyre Workouts 
20-20 Beginner TRX Exercises (Hand on Straps)
20-20 Advanced TRX Exercises (Feet in Straps)
20-20 Prowler Exercises



More To Come

More videos to be added very soon to this page. Including new finishers to push your workout to the next level as well as my thoughts on everything related to the health and fitness industry!

Wall Core Finisher 
Medicine Ball Drop Set Finisher 
The 100 Rep Burpee Challenge
Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon Dublin Route Run 2019