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Booty Camp & Coach Seán 6 Week Challenge Nutrition Guides

I don’t believe in one diet suiting everybody. My personal preference for those looking to lose a few lbs is to go on a low carb/high fat diet. My reasoning for this is that I find it is harder to over eat on this diet and harder to have processed/junk food with little nutritional value. If you are looking to lose more than half a stone in weight, I would recommend starting on week 1 and moving through the weeks until you build a long term, sustainable diet.

Each week has recipes for that particular week and a shopping list in the quick guide. And even though a lot of these are labeled ‘Booty Camp”, I have seen both men and women get great results from them.

If you have any questions on them, email me:



If I had to recommend one nutrition plan (male or female) to stick to for the challenge it would be the Booty Camp Nutrition manuals. Not only have I seen so many people succeed on this nutrition plan, it has also helped me out greatly as well in my own challenges in the past as well. I personally prefer low carb diet if fat loss is one of your goals for this challenge. That's a 'personal' preference. Low Carbs are not for everyone. If you attended something like Slimming World before and found that it worked for you, well then that is what I would recommend for you to do.

If you are unsure, email me. I have the links below for Booty Camp Nutrition Manuals. I would recommend approaching the nutrition plans in the following way for maximum long term success:

Booty Camp Week 1 Manual
Booty Camp Week 1 Quick Guide

'Week 1 Nutrition': Use for the first week only. You are probably going to lose some pounds quickly on this and give you a head start. Admittedly, some of that weight in water water. However, it is a great motivator and really sets us on the path for for the 12 weeks of healthy eating ahead. However, it is too difficult to be sustainable long term.

Booty Camp Week 2 Manual
Booty Camp Week 2 Quick Guide

'Week 2 Nutrition': I would recommend using this plan for the remaining 3 weeks. The introduction of some milk and fruit makes it more manageable day to day and with January being a quiet month socially, it is very possible to stick to this diet 80-90% of the time through out the month.

Booty Camp Week 3 Manual
Booty Camp Week 3 Quick Guide

'Week 3 Nutrition': A slow reintroduction of carbs. We are looking for long term success and chances are that you are going to be eating carbs in the future. You will have made 4 weeks of progress, so week 3 is great for maintaining that loss long term while still having the ability to slowly lose a few more pounds if that is the goal.

Booty Camp Week 4 Manual
Booty Camp Week 4 Quick Guide

'Week 4 Nutrition': This is for the last month and hopefully, after 8 weeks, your eating habits will have changed so week 4 will really be the time where you are using the foods for long term health that suit your day to day needs. The workouts take a step up in these last 4 weeks so, while nutrition is still important and you can't truly out train a bad diet, the foundations will have been set for the last 4 challenging weeks.

Like I have said, this may not be for everyone. If you truly do not function on low carbs, have tried something similar to no success or it simply can not mesh with your lifestyle then try something that will give you the best chance for long term success (once again, feel free to email me (

Here are weeks 5-7 of the Booty Camp Nutrition and two exclusive eBooks on Nutrition, compiled from the Booty Camp Facebook Page and from previous members completing the Booty Camp Challenge

Booty Camp Week 5 Manual
Booty Camp Week 5 Quick Start Guide

Booty Camp Week 6 Manual
Booty Camp Week 6 Quick Start Guide

Booty Camp Week 7 Manual

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Additional Phase 2-4 Meal Options

Coach Seán 6 Week Challenge eBook with Nutrition and Breakfast ideas

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