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Paleo Frittata

A cross between Paleo Pizza & Omelette,  this is a very filling and tasty recipe to make!

All you need:
8 Eggs
4 Streaky Bacon
1 Red Onion
Some Basil to garnish
Tomatoes (which I inconveniently forgot 🙈)

Ideally, you need an Oven Proof Skillet as you will initially cooking on a hob before putting the dish in to the oven.

Cook up the bacon, onion and mushrooms on an oven proof skillet. Add some spinach when nearly done. Add your whisked eggs next, seasoned to how you like along with some sliced tomatoes on top. Let the frittata set around the eggs before putting it into the oven for 20 minutes. Add some basil on top and that's all there is too it!