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7 Reasons to Workout Early in the Morning

The biggest lift for most of us in the morning is lifting our ass out of the bed! So the idea of getting a workout out in before you’ve truly started your day may seem a little far fetched. However, no matter how tired I am getting up/driving to the gym in the am, by the time I’ve finished my warm up, I am raring to go. In my opinion, it is by far the most effective time to get your workout in and here are 7 reasons why!

Great start to the day:
You haven’t even started the working day yet but you have a sense of accomplishment as you've pushed yourself through a workout and feel all the more better for it! You feel good after exercise so why not do something that is going to make you feel better on the way into work.

Healthier Eating Habits:
So you’ve got yourself up early and banged out a good workout. You’re not going to sacrifice that extra hour of sleep and ruin it over eating crap the rest of the day are you? Besides, you’re more energetic after the workout! You don’t need that quick sugar rush. 

Less Factors affecting you getting your workout in:
It’s happened to all of us. We plan to workout in the evening but life gets in the way. It’s a function we have to go to. We have to stay late at work. Just one more episode of that TV show on Netflix after dinner and then you’ll go when in fact we are too comfy on the couch and are not going anywhere for the evening. Well your social life is not going to take a hit by getting an early morning workout in. 

More Energy:
“But I always have more energy in the evening!” Really? So you’ve been up all day. In work for 8 or so hours. You’re after driving/commuting. You’ve made your meals and yet you think you’re more energetic than after you’ve just rested for 8 or so hours? Really? Sure you may think you’re more tired in the morning but once you get through your warm up, your body will wake it’s self up. Which brings me to...

Body Clock Routine:
Your body will not only get more use to the morning sessions, it will be more effective. Because you will be training at the same time each morning, you’ll naturally wake up before your alarm goes off. Your body, knowing you’re workout out, will adapt quickly to training and will be more prepared than after dealing with the potential unknowns and different energy levels depending on mood, food etc that life can present through out the day. The first week can be a complete struggle but you feel so much better for it after that!

Guilt Free evenings:
You’re home from a day’s work and all you want to do is just chill on the sofa for the evening. Sure why not. You’ve already got the workout done. No guilt in chilling out now. Well earned.

Above all else, if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s people crowded around an exercise equipment that you are looking to use. And they’re on their damn phone or chatting away. Next thing you know, you’re basing your workout off whatever is free. Imagine there was a time where the gym was near empty and you could get through your workout without disruption. 

But if you still can’t get out of your bed when the morning rolls around, I've a blog coming soon with tips on making that morning wake up call more manageable and why your biggest enemy is that Snooze button!