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Biceps Curls: Stop Making this Gains Killing Mistake!

For the video, check out this link HERE

As far as exercise importance goes, this is probably near the bottom of the list. But, admit it, you feel good when you train arms! And a lot of guys spend way too much time training arms. Which is why it's surprising that they rush through the exercise and miss out on the most important aspect: the eccentric portion! That's where the gains are lads!

The biggest mistakes I see when people are doing curls (and a barbell isused in the video because it is the easiest to show that mistake) are:

- Shoulder shrugging. It's for your biceps nothing else
- An excessive forward lean
- Dropping the weight at the top of the rep

And it's all down to one main problem. It's not that they don't know how to do the curl, it's that they have too big of an ego to drop the weight and do the exercise correctly. By doing the exercise with a more manageable weight and proper form, you will get a far greater benefit out of the exercise.

Plus, check out the full video on YouTube for my all-time favourite exercise for putting on muscle on your biceps. It might surprise you!

Also, a fun way to end a session, especially a Friday/Weekend workout is to run the rack. What is running the rack? Check it out HERE