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Coach Seán Personal Training Material

I first want to thank you for choosing me as your coach. I’m excited to embark on this stage of your fitness journey with you and will do everything I can to ensure that you succeed.

Not only do I want you to be proud of your accomplishments as we proceed, but I want you to enjoy the process.

Before we begin, I’d like you to please read through this short information webpage. Bookmark it. In it is all of the information about your program and what you’re about to get in the coming months. I’ve laid out what I’ll be sending you and when you can expect to receive it in addition to guidelines for support.

Included in this package is also information on how the workouts are going to be presented to you and an explanation of all variables.

Thank you again for choosing me to help you on your health and fitness journey. I’m here for you every step of the way.

To your health,
Coach Seán

1. PAR-Q Form

Click on this link HERE to access the Par-Q form. It's a general questionnaire on your health. Your health is the most important part of any programme. 

2. Programme Questionnaire

Click HERE to access the Programme Questionnaire. This will give us an idea of when it's best to plan your workouts, timings of your workouts, when you are mostly likely to train etc. It will also help set your goals throughout our Personal Training sessions. We will be using this to help with your consistency, accountability and motivation

3. Your Nutrition

You can download the Coach Seán 6 Week Challenge PDF book HERE along with additional recipes HERE

Follow this nutrition guide if you are looking to lose body fat for an event in the next 6-8 weeks and are willing to try a low carb diet.

I prefer low carb diets for losing weight but that does not mean it is the best method. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is full of people telling you that their opinion is the absolute best method. The truth is that there is no one method that suits all. Monitor your progress throughout the 6 weeks.

Try to lower your carb consumption as much as you can over the next 2 weeks and then slowly reintroduce them for a long term sustainable diet.

Also, I have a quick blog on breakfast options HERE as this seems to be a stumbling block for most.

If you feel like your nutrition is good already or you may need to only tweak it slightly, I would recommend what may sound a little tedious but it is incredibly important. And it is to write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink over 3 days. To get a more accurate representation, I would recommend you pick 2 week days and 1 weekend day. By seeing your honest nutrition habits over the next few days, you can make the required and realistic judgements to your diet that's going to help with your long term success

4. Read the Coach Seán Online Pt CAM Programme eBook.

The eBook doesn't have to be read word for word and it is a short read. It will give you an idea on my training philosophies and give you tips on your nutrition (including recording your nutrition over the next 3 days) as well as tips on staying on track both inside and outside the gym

5. Progress Pictures

Before your starting date, take your before pictures. You need one picture of the front, side and back. Pictures are much more valuable to seeing your progress than the scales. The scales is the least important number. No one sees the your weight number but they do see your progress in your appearance. The scales does not tell that story, especially with the type of programming that we will be doing.

A few things to note when taking your progress pictures:

  1. Take a photo of the front, side and back.

  2. Stay relaxed in your photos (I know you’re going to want to flex when you see your improvements in 4-6 weeks time!)

  3. Wear the same clothes each time (it should be obvious but baggy clothes kinda defeats the purpose!)

  4. If possible, keep the background and lighting the same each month

  5. Take the pictures at the same time of day each month. Sleep, food and activity can all play a part in physical appearances at certain times.

6. Tape Measurements

Tape measurements and progress pictures will be key to seeing your success over the next coming weeks and will help for motivation to keep you on track. I have a few guidelines below for taking your measurements:

Chest: Lift the arms up and have the tape measure wrapped just above the nipple. Lower your arms, take a big deep breath in and out. Take the measurement after the exhale.

Bicep: Up to you of you take one or two arms. There may be slight differences in each arm. Measure what looks to be the thickest point in the arm at around the middle of the bicep. Like the thigh, this is not going to be totally accurate but you will have a close enough estimate.

Waist: Measure from the belly button and follow along with the tips from the chest, measuring at the exhale.

Hips: Measure at the widest part of the hips.

Thighs: The same as the bicep, you’re looking for the thickest point in the middle of the thigh

7. Coach Seán Newsletter

You can email me at any time on questions you may have. I also provide a weekly newsletter with insider tips and advice on all things health and fitness. If you would like to subscribe to this free weekly newsletter, click HERE.

And that’s pretty much it! Best of luck with this programme. The tools are here but it’s now up to you to put in the work and implement them!

You’ve come this far already which is miles ahead of those that do absolutely nothing so give yourself some credit for that.

Now it’s time to put in the work.