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How to Squat Correctly

One of the most popular terms you hear in the gym when some one is doing squats is the term "ass to grass". Some will claim that if you're not that low, it doesn't count! In most cases, this is a recipe for disaster!!

Yes, you're suppose to squat low, ideally under parallel to your legs but ONLY IF YOUR BODY ALLOWS IT. Some of us are simply not that flexible in the hips or mobility in the ankles to squat that low. And a lot of those who preach "ass to grass" ignore this fact and, as a result, compensate so that they can get lower. The most common over compensation is that they'll tuck their hips in to get right down! By doing this, they're cause a lot of unnecessary stress on the lower back and knees! 

As with all moves in the gym, check your ego at the door.

To perform a proper Squat (make sure you can adequately perform the Squat using your bodyweight before adding additional weight!)

  • Sit back as you begin to Squat
  • Keep your heels on the ground
  • Make sure your knees are not buckling in
  • Do not round your back.
  • Do not lean forward too much (your back should be around 15-20 degrees, not close to 90)

    If you find that you can not get yourself low enough, work on your flexibility as well as holding on to squat rack and lowering yourself down into a squat position. Make sure you push your hips out with your feet flat. Briefly let go of the squat rack and try and maintain your position and balance. 

    And the most important rule of all: Do Not Skip Leg Day!