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Putting the Love into Food

A few short weeks ago, one of my house mates was working late and asked me to fix him up something for when he came home. Since he was asking to do this as I was preparing a late meal for myself, there was no hassle in throwing in a few extra portions. When my house mate came home to his dinner on the table, freshly prepared I might add, he looked at me in total disgust and utter the phrase that the whole house has echoed to me when I have cooked ever since; "where is the love?"

For the past two years, I've gone on a very strict diet for my 30 Day Challenges which follow the principles I teach to my clients and classes. I limit the carbohydrates and chemicals in my food as much as I can and have zero treats of any kind or alcohol for the 30 Days. I am very proud of my results, however my food preparation in the kitchen can be a little 'basic' with the odd occasional fancy meal that has required a lot of prep on my end. This is ok for me as I tell myself the food is there for a purpose rather than to be enjoyed. Which is actually code for "I'm too lazy to cook up fancy meals". The 30 Day Challenges have helped to keep me in a routine cooking healthy meals throughout the year. Albeit, slightly unimaginative meals.

On this particular night, I had cooked a meal my house mates are all too familiar with... grilled chicken and broccoli. And after the last few weeks of "Seeeááááánnnnn, where's the love?", I've set out a new challenge for myself.

My days of not being an adventurous cook are over. Starting this week, I'll be posting creative ideas on Facebook for quick, effective meals, highlighting one food type each week. And the most important quality is putting in the love! 

Week 1: Eggs!