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5 Exercises to Help Master Your Pull Ups

For the full video, check out this link HERE

Pull-ups are one of the hardest and most frustrating exercises for most of us to master. Whether you can do 1-2 pull-ups or feel like you are a million miles away from ever doing a pull-up, here are my top 5 exercises to throw into your weekly programme to help you achieve greater success doing pull-ups.

1. Assisted/Eccentric Pull-Ups. If you want to jump higher, you practice jumps. If you want to get better at a sport, you practice that sport. It's the same with pull-ups. It may sound like a cop-out answer but so many times I see people over analyse this. Let's keep it simple!

2. Bent-over Dumbbell Rows: My favourite exercise for engaging the back (the "lat" muscles) and very easy to make this exercise harder by increasing the weight. Just check your ego at the door: do them with control and keep your elbow back, it's not a curl. Pull your shoulder blades in as you get to the top of the rep.

3. Inverted Row: I love this variation for two reasons. You are using your upper back muscles more than most rows and, because it is a bodyweight exercise, you must engage your core (do not drop the hips) to do this exercise right. Pull the shoulder blades in and touch the chest of the bar with your elbows at a 45-degree angle to your body to complete the rep. If you can't touch the bar, the bar is too low.

4. Hanging Scapular Depression Hold: Admittedly, while I explain the benefits in the video, I do a poor job explaining how to do this exercise. It's not just hanging from the bar. keep your shoulders relaxed, arms straight and try to pull yourself up using your upper back muscles. Hold it and engage your core to limit the swinging effect. This will help give you greater control when it comes to doing a full pull up.

5. Farmer Walks: Improving grip strength as well as core, this is one of my go-to exercises! A form of carry is one of the most neglected forms of training that should be in everyone's programme.