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Bulgarian Split Squats

If I could only do one lower body exercise in the gym, it would be the Bulgarian Split Squat.

Too many people are in the gym performing a barbell back squat with heavy weight and poor form. For most, the Bulgarian Split Squat is a far better and safer alternative, especially on your lower back! But that’s not the only benefit.

👉 Its great for your core strength, glutes, and quads (you’ll also feel it in the backs of your legs too!)
👉 It’s a single leg exercise so it’s also great for most sports (including running)
👉 Because the rear foot is elevated, you don’t have to use as much weight to get the most of of it in comparison to a lunge

Doing the exercise:
There are a few different variations to where the front foot should go to get the most out of the exercise. Experiment with no weight on where feels the most comfortable for you. I like to try to get full range of motion and be able to bring my back knee as close to the ground as I can. Having the foot too far in, and you will feel pain in your knee and lack range of motion. Too far out and the stretch will be very tight on the back leg. Be sure to let your front leg do all the work when pushing yourself back up to the starting position.

I’m not saying it’s better than a barbell squat. If you have full confidence in your ability to squat and your core can take the added pressure when you are loading your spine, go for it. Otherwise, this is a far safer option and you will still get great results