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Deadlifts vs Squats

Deadlifts vs Squats

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to differentiate between the two exercises so here are some of the main, simplified differences between the two.

While both exercises do work the 🍑, the deadlift works your ‘posterior’ muscles more, like the back of your legs where as the squats work the front of you legs, the ‘anterior’ muscles.

Both exercises are great to include in a work out for balance, especially a variation of a deadlift as most of us tend to neglect the back of our legs and only focus on squats and lunges. This can lead to potential knee problems and even lower back. So definitely include both, if not more exercises for the backs of your legs like deadlift variations, glute/hip thrusts and Kettlebell swings

To perform a deadlift:
Push Hips Back
Slight Bend in Knees
Ankles at 90 degrees
Keep Core Tight

For Squats:
Hips Back Slightly Only
Push Knees out to Sit Down
Ankle Bend Forwards
Keep Core Tight