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Coach Seán Newsletter - October 14 2018

Gym Workouts, Home Workouts, Dog Workouts, it's all in this week's newsletter along with whether it is easier for guys or girls to lose weight quicker

I know, it's been a while since I have sent a newsletter out. Not a lot has changed. Burpees are still everyone's favourite exercise, including mine. Hell, even dogs are doing them... although there are some ridiculous modifications to them I would not recommend!

I had an early morning Personal Training session this morning and on the way back home through the Phoenix Park, it was incredible to see the number of people out running. I can only assume a lot are doing their final preparations for the Dublin City Marathon in two weeks. I always feel a little guilty when I see this. Even though, I got my own workout done this morning after recording the Workout of The Week. And as I drove by, I could not help but think; 'am I doing enough training?', particularly for the marathon in two weeks. Little doubts creep in. I think a lot of us feel like this, especially when we see social media posts from people working out.

It really is something that I think people need to block out more. While it might be motivating for some, you may feel like you are never on the same level of training. Or that there's no point in starting now.

That's definitely the wrong attitude. Your Health and Fitness is not about comparing yourself to others. It is about getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to get a little better each and every week. If you do that, you're on the right path. Remember, that your own fitness journey is, pardon the pun, a marathon and not a sprint. 

And if you are looking to kick start the week strong but are not too sure where to start, you could do a lot worse than this total body workout. All you need is a few dumbbells and watch this video HERE or follow this programme below:

Box Squat & Press: 4 Sets-15 Reps
Renegade Rows: 4 Sets-15 Reps
Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge: 3 Sets - 15 Reps
Reverse Flyes on Elevated Bench: 3 Sets - 15 Reps
Russian Twists: 3 Sets-15 Reps
Up Down on Bench from Press up Position into Squat Thrust: 3 Sets - 30 Seconds

No equipment or access to a gym? No problem! Here's a 12-minute HIIT workout that you can perform anywhere. I posted it during one of the storms a few weeks back (when did we start naming all these storms?). 

HIIT Exercises listed below. Follow along with me through every rep of the 5 Rounds. 

10 Reps Each: Jumping Jacks/High Knees
8 Reps Each: Shoulder Taps/Push Ups
6 Reps Each: Lunges/Bicycle Kicks
4 Reps Each: Plank Jacks/Tricep Dips
2 Reps Each: Squat Jumps/Burpees

Science & Fitness:
In our Booty Camp classes, I have heard the ladies talk about doing the diet with their other half and the men having "greater success" with the diet over the month. Annoyed that the weight is falling off the lads in comparison to them, it would be normal to assume that maybe they are not as strict, working as hard when training or they are just being too hard on themselves. I know the same has been said to me when I do my challenges and drop weight 'quickly'. But it turns out that there's science to prove that men can drop in weight quicker than women on a lower calorie diet.  So if you have experienced this, don't beat yourself over your other half losing the weight quicker. Concentrate on your own journey and goals. Long-term is and should always be the goal. 

Hope you had a great week and made the most of the good weather today! 

I'm hoping to have these newsletters back to a normal routine of every Sunday (providing I can get quality content out to you guys before my football starts at 6pm because... priorities)

Start the week strong tomorrow. Get the workout in.