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No Pain No Gain?

Did you know that ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is originally a motto that came from an early 80s Jane Fonda aerobics video? (Wikipedia wouldn’t lie to me)

I’m not the biggest fan of aerobics in the world and I like this motto even less!

And that’s not because I don’t think aerobics is good. During an aerobics class, I’m like dancing on ice... minus the skates... and the talent. I just don’t like performing that type of exercise. I would dread it, every time we had to do it on college so I sure as hell was going to avoid it when I graduated.

And when people are pushing their type of training, they’ll usually resort to this motto when met with resistance. It’s lazy and beyond stupid.

Yes, trying new things can be great but don’t put yourself through a routine you hate and NEVER exercise through pain!!

There’s a difference between ‘feeling the burn’, pushing yourself through the last few reps and feeling a sharp pain while training!

Every single exercise has an alternative to work the same muscle area. So if one causes pain, another might not.

I had a client with pain in her knees during squats yesterday. We didn’t just keep blasting out squats, even if it was a part of the programme. We adjusted and still got a challenging alternative for what we wanted to do with the squats.

Training is not a punishment. You should look forward and enjoy your sessions. Otherwise, there’s something you need to change or you’re not going to stick with it long term!