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A Story On How To Motivate Yourself For A Run

Originally posted on my Facebook Page

Beating myself to get the run in!
That’s a terrible title, anyhoo... 

Got the bus home from Blanch this afternoon. Had time to spare before my evening PTs and I hadn’t got my scheduled run in yet

But I lay on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. 

‘You need to go for a run’ that annoying voice in my head said.

But the weather was bad and there was something I was forgetting

‘It’s not raining now’

I scrambled for an excuse. Looked up the iPhone weather app. Wasn’t suppose to rain for another hour.

‘No rain. Just put your shorts on’

I forced myself up. That’s not a hard task.

‘Sure you may as well put your running shoes on as well’
‘Let’s just go out the door, a little walk.’ 

A bit of fresh air won’t be too bad I thought
‘I see the habit of sticking on the running app has kicked in, let’s go for a little jog’
Ok, a little run...
A few mins later: ‘remember that 53 minute 10km? Beat it!’

Eh, I feel great but I also think I should-

Hang on, are we still doing... ok, actually I feel great running. Let’s go
40 minutes later... ‘eh you should take the short cut’

No way, not today! I’m gonna keep going, despite the iPhone App being typically wrong and it is lashing...
‘No, it’s not that! You took the bus home earlier because you’ve no car, idiot. Enjoy the 40 minute cycle to work after this, if you get there on time’ 🙈🙈🙈

Drenched, but got home and got to my PTs in time but damn the roads got bad in a hurry.

If you’re struggling for motivation to exercise, don’t think of it as one big task. Break it down. Ease into it. Over time, habits will build. And now for the fun cycle home, the app says it won’t rain so I’ll be grand... #EnoughProcrastination 😂😿🙈

#LetsGoGetEmAgain @ Lucan, Dublin