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The Real Key for Maintaining Motivation for Long Term Success


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It’s one of the biggest factors that people say that influence their progress in training. “I haven’t got the motivation to get up early.” “Or where do you find the motivation to prep.”

When I was a lot younger, playing football in my teenage years, I used the Rocky IV Training montage as ‘motivation’.

I’d get up 45 minutes before I was getting collected. Have my Weetabix. Get cleaned up. Sort my football bag out. Put on my “lucky” t-shirt. And then set up the DVD player (oh if that kid had of known about YouTube a few years later) and watch the Rocky IV Training montage before hearing the beep to be collected for the game and avoiding stepping on the cat as I ran out the front door.

I did that for practically every football game. I use to think it was watching Rocky yell “Draaaggoooooo” on top of the mountain that got me motivated and ready for the game.

It wasn’t.

It was the system. The routine I had prepared each and every week. “Motivation” comes and goes. With today being Day 1 of the 8 Week Challenge we’re all motivated! That’s the easy part. It’s when that motivation is high that you should be implementing systems and routines that are manageable and sustainable in the long term.

Simple things like knowing what and when you are going to eat. Having the gym bag and clothes laid out the night before. Starting every morning with a pint of water.

Don’t try to change your whole life around overnight.

Small changes over time make big differences. The routine leads to consistency. And that’s the only way we will make long term progress.