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Training vs Working Out

The title might seem confusing to some people. Training. Working out. Is there a difference? Not on Instagram where they are always hashtagged beside each other on any workout… or training video. But there is a difference and it could be preventing you from your results.

The training we have done in the first 6 weeks of the Fixing Pops videos are not much different each week. Why? Because there’s are goals set out and we are starting to see the results. 

A workout is a random approach in the gym, hoping for results. “I think I might train legs today”… or “I haven’t done core in a while”. There’s no real plan in place. No defined goals. Just to work up a sweat and judge the workout based on how sore we feel the next day. If you’re deciding as you walk into the gym what you are going to do that day, you’re working out and limiting your chance at success. 

Training is different. Training sets out goals. Little challenges each week aimed towards achieving the overall goal. Everyone’s goals are different. And everyone reacts differently too. That’s why there’s no one, be all, end all, training routine that everyone can follow regardless of fitness levels, gender, age etc to achieve their goals. 

every exercise push pull squat hinge carry lunge programme how to gym exercise routine


Set you gym programme around the key elements. Exercises that involve squatting, a hinge movement, a lunge, push, pull (with more pull exercises than pushing) and a carry. And stick to the programme for at least 6-8 weeks to allow it time to have positive effects. But that doesn’t mean do the exact same thing. Slow increases in weights you use, an increase in reps perhaps. Always challenge yourself to do that little bit more than the last session. A little variation is good. We added in boxing one week for a bit of conditioning near the end of a session. But the overall template of your training programme should be consistent for those 6-8 weeks. 

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